the feeling to be loved

jasmine is a girl who has a grate life she loves her family . and she wishes she can see the most famous boy band the 1D .but what happens when her dad gets a job to work with the one direction and two of the fall in love with her what will happen when she loves the both of them . and what happens when some one takes jasmine way from the both of them read to see


10. dream + birthday

JASMINE(POV) when i when to Niall's room to say good night and the i kissed him ok the cheek i do not now why i wanted to kiss him and then i went to harry's room to say good night he got up and kissed me on the lips and then he said good night love . and when i got out i was like did he just kiss me and then i fell't bad for Niall , but i love them both. and then i said to my self oh jasmine just go to sleep and think about it tomorrow and then i went to my room and fell asleep .

DRAEM: i wake up and then i find harry next to me and then i was going to scream till i see a big ring on my finger it was a hart shape .It was the most beautiful thing in the world . and then Harry gets up and kisses me on the cheek and said morning babe and then i was about to get up till i see that i had nothing on, and then Harry said what is wrong? i tell him nothing . and then he said want to go out and eat . and i said ok i got up and then i see harry smile and looking at me and then i look down and i forgot i had nothing on i tell him to look around but he looked at me and came to me and kisses me on the lips for a long time and then i kiss back and i can see he was smiling . and then we stoped and he said what do u want to have i say anything he said ok . i got dressed and then he said we will meet up with the boys and then Niall came to my mined and i was like OMG !! what is Niall thinking of me being  with Harry . then we met up at the mall and then i see that  Niall with a girl and she had  a big ring like me and the i say hi to them and they say hi back .so then he said so Harry are u happy with jasmine and he look's at me happy and he stops and then he screams i love her and then he takes my hand and kisses it and i blush .

NOT THE DREAM: i get up and i look next to me and i see no one there i was so happy but then i was thinking of the dream me and harry were married and i was happy with him . but then when i saw Niall with some one my hart sunk i was going to cry but i did not want them to see me cry but then i said i was a dream i was not real . but then i look at the door and i see harry there and i tell him to come in .the he said no u saw me . and then i said oh i know u were there for a long time and he said u did man u are good at looking a say ya and i need my glasses .and then he said u need glasses and i tell him yup then he said can i see i say ok and the i put them on,and he said wow u look even better with them i say nooo i look ugly with them that is why i do not put them on and he said do not say that u look beautiful with them come on and he said oh ya i have to hold your hand for the day and then he takes me down and i see all of them look at me and i take the glasses off and they said NOOOO!!! put them on i tell them why ? they say u look nice on them i tell the no i do not i look ugly with them and then Niall takes a pix of me and said no see and he shows me it and i say i look ugly . and he said NOO!! u do not u look beautiful . and then i say why does every one say i look beautiful with them, and he said cus u do look beautiful with them . and i said what is it with u and u look beautiful today Niall and i look at him and i smile at him he said cus u are beautiful . i said ok i got it know i am hungry from all the fighting i say and the all look at me what do u want i say candy and they say u like candy in the morning and i say yaa and Niall said see it is nice to have candy in the morning and they look at us like we are crazy and i look at Niall and he look at me and said lats go to my room and have candy and i run up with him and he takes out a bag with candy and chips and stuff like that . me and him had like so much candy we did not feel so good and then he starts to throw up i get up and take him to the bathroom and he said thx i said u will get u water and i tell him when i is done to go to the bed  i go down and all the boys said what is wrong and i tell them Niall is not good and they said oh Niall not on her birthday !! Harry screams and i look at him how do u know it was my birthday they said nothing and said to day is your birthday and they where acting dumb and i say GOD ALL OF U ARE DUMB and then Louis said we are not we are smart and then i say oh really ok what is 4567 x 435 =  and they stay there and then they say um 58,365 harry said i look at him and said no 345,269,6 what no ?!!?!?! then i tell them 1,986,645 and then i tell them man all of u are bad at math . and then i go back up to see if Niall was ok and i see him on the bed and he said sorry .and i tell him for what ? and he said to mess up your birthday and then he said oh and here . and i say what is this he said open it first and i open it and there was a crown with the letters N&J and i tell him what is this he said that is for you i say oh i got it NAILL JAMES HORAN . and he said no it is for NAILL & JASMINE and i say it is so beautiful and he said but not as beautiful as u and i say thx Niall and i kiss him and then his cheeks tern red and he said i feel much better and i look at him really ? and he said ya now much better and then he said happy birthday and i say thx Niall .then i tell him sleep and he said ok but he said sing to me and i tell him ok . and then i sing  to hime but taylor swift breathe and then i look at him and he was sleeping . then i go down and i see harry and i jump on his back and said i am back and he said ok good and he said i want to give u my  gift for your birthday and he gives me the bag i saw him with and i tell this your and he said no and i see what is in i see a  Iphone 4s  and i look at him and say what is this he said that is for u and i say i cant take this he said oh no u have one. and i look at him no but i cant take this  and he said it is ok open it and the what the pix is i tern it on and there is a pix of me and him  and i say this so beautiful  and he said u are welcome and then i say there is no more gifts right and then Liam comes and gives me a bag and i see and there was the most beautiful dress in the world and i tell him thank u some much and the Louis comes and he gives me a ring with a carrot on it and i say thx to  and then Zayn comes and gives me a big box and i tell him it better not be some thing big and he tell me to open it and the i open it it had a big bear and it said happy 19 birthday sis 14-8-2012 and it was blue and i said to him OMG thx Zayn u are the best brother in the world  and then he said ya i know i say thanks to all of the and then i say i wonder when do i have to go to the X factor and it said in 2 week and was happy that it was not to day 



i hope u like this chapter i was working so hard on it so i hope u like it i was thinking i want to ask  u who does jasmine pick NIALL OR HARRY plz tell me thx all happy reading

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