the feeling to be loved

jasmine is a girl who has a grate life she loves her family . and she wishes she can see the most famous boy band the 1D .but what happens when her dad gets a job to work with the one direction and two of the fall in love with her what will happen when she loves the both of them . and what happens when some one takes jasmine way from the both of them read to see


11. DAD gone for 3days +day out

JASMINE(POV) i got up  from my dad saying he will not be here for 3days ,and i was happy.i mean i love it when my dad is with me ,but this will give me time to know the boys more and mean my boys Niall,Harry. then i will know who pick . now i am hungry so went to make eggs .then fell't to strong hands on my waist then i look back and i see harry with the biggest smile on his face ,and tell him your hair looks funny ,and and he say's u mean i am funny ? then tell him yes .oh ya my dad will not be here for 3days. now are  u hungry ?.and he said when when u cook i will be  hungry and  he said so i will be geting to holed u like this for 3day every morning .and then i smile and  give him  plate with eggs . and then i see Niall and then i ask him are u hungry and he screams at me saying NO! OK I WILL GO EAT OUT!!! .and i tell him ok but u do not have to scream i was just trying to be nice and he said OHHH DO NOT ACT LIKE U DID NOTHING WRONG !! and i tell him what did i do to u ? and then he ran out and then i start to cry .

HARYY(POV) i was sleeping till i see lights down the hall then i got up and went to go check who it was and when i went i see jasmine  there cooking i went from the back and then i put my hands on her waist and then she look back say's your hair look funny .,and i tell her u mean i am funny and she said yes u are. and he said her dad will be gone for 3days and i was happy that then i will make my moves on her . and then she said are u hungry and i tell her when u cook i will be hungry and then she smiles at me and i start to eat till Niall comes in and jasmine asked him if he was hungry ,and he screamed at her. and then i tell him do not scream at her like that and he said like u care.  and i tell him i do and then he left and then i look at jasmine crying on the floor and i run to her  and pick her up and take her to my room and the was crying and she tells me what did i do to him? and i tell her u did nothing . and she said  then why is he mad at me ?and i tell her it is ok . and then i tell her u want to have fun today and she said ok i said we can go swimming and then later we go for a movie and she said ok  then i tell her u want to go swimming now and she said ok with a smile and we went to get dressed  .then we went down and no one was there i mean it was only 9am then she starts to take oh her shirt and shorts so she can get in but she was not have the same one on it was red with black stripes and then i look at her and then i tell her say u will not get mad and she said she will not get mad .and then i tell her u look hot with that and she said oh umm ok . and the she got in the water we start to swim till i see her stop i go from the back and pick her up and she screamed HARRY and i said yes and she said why did u do that and i tell her i do not know and then she said u are a bad boy u know that right and i tell her NO! and she said yes u do not do that to a girl  . and i said ya but i felt like it . and then i start to swim to her and then she had no place to go  she said what do u want and then i kiss her and then she kisses back i was happy she did . then i hold her by her waist and she put her hand on my neck we stayed like that for like 2min then she pulls back say lats go back up and we did when i went to my room i see a note from  ZAYN saying  hey man ummm we went out to do stuff we will be back in like 5 to 6 hours so have fun and u and jasmine look cute together but if u brake her hart i will kill u ok i know she is not my sis but to me she is so watch it man. oh ya do  u know were Niall is he was not with u or in his room so if u know tex me thx .then I smile and then  jasmine got all changed then i asked her do u want to go eat out and she said ok we went to KFC i mean it was so good i wanted more but then i say no more lats go to the movie  and i ask her if she still wants to go she said if i want then i say lats go  and we went they had the ICE AGE the new one so we got the food and candy and drinks we went i mean the movie was long and it was funny and then i se jasmine there with her head on my chest and i can smell the shampoo it was green apple  and i smile then i ask her jasmine will u be my girlfriend ad i was like she will say no and the she said yes i look at her and i kiss her and we went back to the movie .then the movie was done we went out then i see Niall coming to us and he look at us but he was drunk and then he pulls jasmine and starts to kiss her and i can see she was trying to get out be he was to strong so i pull him and tell him what the hell man and he said what do  mean what the hell and i tell him u cant just kiss her like that and he said she is not your and i say yes she is and then he looks at jasmine and said is the true and she said yes and i tell him come on we will take u back and he said ok but keep me way  from that bitch  and i tell him do not call her that and he said fine we take him home and the boy  they went to sleep  so then we put Niall back to sleep and i tell jasmine lats go to sleep and well i went to her room well my bed is for one and hers was  for two it was a ing size so then she starts to change and then i ask her u will not  put  a top on she said no she never sleeps with a top  and i smile and then we went to sleep and all i can think of is how a beautiful most sweet nice girl like her be with me i mean she is just the best i mean i cant put it in my head me brake her hart  and then i fell asleep with a smile on my face 

NIALL(POV) to day when i got up i was so angry but i do not know why then when i see harry and jasmine there i do not know what was going on with me i start to screaming at jasmine and then i see harry there getting angry that made me more angry then when i look back i see  jasmine there crying and harry runs to her but why did i scream  i did not mean to scream but something was wrong with me and then when i left i went to a bar getting drunk and then when i  was going to my car i  see jasmine and harry holding hands and i go up to them and pull jasmine and kiss her and i felt something between us  but she was trying to get out but i did not know why but then harry came and pulls me of her and he said i cant kiss her like that .and i tell him well she is not yours and he said yes she is and my hart sunk and then i look at her and i ask her but when she said it i can see she was getting sad and i started say stuff like keep me way from that bitch and stuff like that and harry was like do not say that to her and i got mad so i slept in the car then i felt harry and jasmine take me to my bed but jasmine was saying sorry but i am with harry and she said but i still love u but i love harry more ,and i felt better that she said she still loved me so there is hope for me and her but she is happy with him so i will let them be  and if they do not work out me and her could be together one day i hope  and that night i had a smile on my face 


hi all i hope u enjoyed this chapter and i hope i do not  think it is boring i will try to make it more better every time i do this so thx to who read this i am get better at this every time but u know how school can be some times so ya sorry if i do not  update every day but thx to all and plzzzz i need friend for jasmine so give me your name and u can be in the story thx 

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