the feeling to be loved

jasmine is a girl who has a grate life she loves her family . and she wishes she can see the most famous boy band the 1D .but what happens when her dad gets a job to work with the one direction and two of the fall in love with her what will happen when she loves the both of them . and what happens when some one takes jasmine way from the both of them read to see


17. dad back

HARRY(POV)ok yesterday she was like going crazy i mean i liked it but at the same time i saw Niall trying to make moves on her so every time i saw him i will go and say to jasmine  that lats dance or something like that so then the song wings by little mix came on and she started to sing with it and she was like so good at the moves she was like so good that Zayn said to her she had to do a dance off and Zayn was like trying but jasmine she put the song again and she was singing it and dancing to so fast that Zayn was getting mad and when ZAYN's girlfriend came and well u know how she puts her hands up and she moves her waist so jasmine did it and i was like ok and i was like i did not know she can do that i mean not many people can do that well not do that we it is hard and when the song was done she said in your face ZAYN  !! she was soooo happy and she was like i am the best and i go to her and tell her i did not know u can do that move and she said ohhh i can do that and she said well i am half arab and mexican  and american so ya i can do all kinds of moves and i was like can u she me and she was like not know later and i was like plzzzzz and she said no we stayed there till i said plzz and she said fine and sh started to do so many moves that i was like wow  and then she was like ok done now i need water and she ran out but as soon as she left i saw the boys and they said i did not know she can dance like that ?then i said ya cus she is the best at it and then Zayn said my girl can do it and i was like only one move not like my girl  and then i see niall there and he was like in his own world so i left and went to look for jasmine she was puting on her PJ and she will wear the blue on with the number 14 on it i asked her what does it mean  and she said the day of my birthday then we went out  and my hands around her waist till the door went oped and her dad was back and his was shocked that he saw my hands on her so as soon as i saw him i let go of her and i see him he was about to scream when all the boys came and started to hug him so i took her hand and ran out the door and she was like Harry it is freezing and i tell her we will go to the car and we made it to the car and i can tell she was freezing well because she was wearing very short shorts and i short shirt so the i took of my shirt and gave it to her she was like harry u will kill your self and i was like it is hot so it is ok  and she said no it is not and she gave it back to me and i tell her no and she said if u do not put in on i will go up  and was like no and i put it back on i could see that she was thinking about her dad what was he going to say or do and i tell her it will be ok i will be with u and then she said so now what and i tell her we will sleep in the car for the night i guess she was ok with it because it did not take her long to sleep she sleeps fast i wanted to kiss her but it was to hard so i said oh man ok i will kiss her tomorrow and then she got up and went to the back  it was big so the she said come and i did so then there was no space left and she was like good night harry and i was like good night and then she said why  did u not say right back at yay, and i say well u are american so ya good night and she said right back at yay, i was smiling and then she said i now it is dark but why are u smiling and i was like how do u know i am smiling she said i can feel it and she said and i know u are thinking the same thing i was thinking  and i tell her what is that she said about my dad and i was like man u are good and she said one of my gifts and i tell her what gifts do u have ?she said well the one i just said and um i can sing and i can draw and take good pix and i can play truth or dare and i will never give up on my dare .and i was like ok then i dare u to get on top of me and sleep on me and she said ok and the second thing i know she was on top of me and i was like she is right and then i tell her to kiss me good night and she did so then that left a smile on my face and then she said i will not go farther then that .then we went to sleep. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next day i wake up and i see jasmine still on me i was smiling thinking how happy i am with her and then she got  up and said good morning and i was like right back at yay and she said u look funny and i tell her why and she said look at your hair and i started to shake it and she said there u go much better . so then i tell her what will we tell your dad and she said i do not know so then she got up and said lats go up and see him so we did we got in the first thing we saw was a paper saying we went out to eat and we will be back soon and it said try to get jasmine out of the room because her dad is going crazy so keep her way from her dad and i was like ok so then i tell jasmine we need to stay way from her dad she was like ok so then i say i want food and she said look at the hungry boy and i start to say plzz in  a baby voice and then she said ok i  will cook and then she was making pancakes filed with ice cream and the ate it i was like how do u make this and she said sorry cant tell and i was like ok fine i will find out my self then i went on the internet and asked but the did not say so i was like so she does it her self i was fine with that have someone that know how to cook was grate  . the we got dressed and went out we got stuff and then i saw her dad and i tell her last go and then she saw him she got the wig we got so if u are asking we got if for fun the we left the she said do i look good with red hair and i was like uuuuuuuuuh yay and she was like ok Harry are u ok and was like what she said i think u need glasses . hey how are u all i hope u all like it  plzz like for me or comment plzz it will mean so much to me  so happy reading and happy thanksgiving to all

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