the feeling to be loved

jasmine is a girl who has a grate life she loves her family . and she wishes she can see the most famous boy band the 1D .but what happens when her dad gets a job to work with the one direction and two of the fall in love with her what will happen when she loves the both of them . and what happens when some one takes jasmine way from the both of them read to see


9. back at hotel

NIALL(POV) and i we got back the room smell good . call jasmine and she come running screaming food food food! I look at her she was stuffing her face with food and harry comes in and he had the biggest smile on his face i ask him if we  can talk he said ya we can i ask him why are u so happy he said she kissed me and my hart sunk i say what ? and he said it again we kissed . i start crying then he said she likes me more then u he said to me . and then jasmine comes running to me and said what is wrong i tell her like u do not know !! she said no i do not know i tell her i love u i love ok u kissed harry ok . and then she said did i say i love harry did . i look at her and she smiles and the harry said u do not love me u love Niall . and then she said did i say i love Niall now . i start to smile . and then i see her crying so hard it made me so sad i ask her what is wrong so did Harry she said look i love u both ok i love the two of u so i do not know ho to pick ok !!!! and i tell her just pick the one u love the most and she said no one told me that they love me and i will some time cry saying i do not look beautiful ok all i get from a boy is that i look ugly or i am a slut ok so now u know why i cant pick ok and if a boy likes me what he say's to me u look hot or sexy nothing  but that ok she said now u know how i feel ok . and the i tell her u look sooo beautiful and u are such a nice girl and u are sweet and funny and harry said and u love cats and u cook and u do not act like a girl u act like a fun girl . and the she smiled and she said thx and she kisses u both .on the cheek . and then she said lats go out till they think something is wrong and we go out  and i see harry take her hand and i look at him and ask jasmine if it was ok if he did that she said ya we made a deal that is he finds me in the pool he will have to hold my hand  and then i ask her if i can 2 and she said ok so we went out holding hands then louis said OMG jasmine u cant date to of the only one we look at him and he look's at us like we were crazy and then she said i i am not dating them and the me and harry say on the same time later u will and that will be me . and the she look at the boy's and then me and harry and said i will see and then harry said ya but am a like 1 thing  till i win her hart and what is that she asked and he said take u on a date  and said i got a kiss and i am holing your hand the then she kisses me on the lips and said now both of u are the same and i can see harry got mad but he said ok fine then but i will win he said and she said we will see ok .so we went to the boy's and we said who want's to go bowling and we all said me . and then we went and we made are names i was food harry was cat jasmine was kitty liame was dad louis was funny man and zayn was cool man we all played but in the end jasmine and harry got the same and the she said only one can make it so this time it was harry and jasmine well jasmine got the best she got 200 and harry got 180 so harry was like no how can i let a girl win on me and then jasmine said in your face harry hahahaha harry said next time u are going down jasmine she said we will see and the harry said what is it with u do day with we will see and she said u got a problem with that  CAT  and the i say cat she said we i call him cat and he calls me kitty . and then i say and me and the she said u will be my food friend and i say ok food friend and we went bake at the hotel we all said good night to every one . when i got to bed jasmine came and kissed me on my cheek so close to my lip and said good night .



i hope u all like this chapter sorry that is was short it is like 5:00am so i am tired i will do more to day when i get up hope u all like it !!!!! :) ;D <3 <3 happy reading to all have a nice day to day 

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