the feeling to be loved

jasmine is a girl who has a grate life she loves her family . and she wishes she can see the most famous boy band the 1D .but what happens when her dad gets a job to work with the one direction and two of the fall in love with her what will happen when she loves the both of them . and what happens when some one takes jasmine way from the both of them read to see


13. at the water park

HARRY(POV) we went  down to go but then the boys looked at us and i tell them i planed a day out  with jasmine and all of them said ok  ,and went back to there chit chat and they did not see us go with a bag that was good . then we went to the car and we drove off  and i can see  jasmine was like so happy and said to her are u happy with me ? and she said happy no . and i stop to smile ,and she said i am like so happy happy with u !! and i smile and i tell her i am happy with u . and the after 30 mins drive we made it , and it was big . we got the passes to enter and we go and put are stuff way . then i tell her  the slide's first and then she said the big one over there ,and then i  look at her and i tell her are u crazy ! she said no . then i said i have to go on it  ,and if i don' she will not have fun and then i say ok  then and she said YAAAA! here we come she said  i was like ok but i do not mined she is fun to be with . then i was like i will go on the back and she said ok  . and we went on it i was screaming  and she was graving my hand the hole time and then we got out of the ride and then she said she will go get some thing to drink and i gave her some money and she left . it has been 10 min i wonder if she is ok and then  i see 3 boys around her and she is like there trying ti get out so then i run to her and she was there and she try's to push the boy way but he was stronger  then her and i push the boy way and she ran to me crying and i tell her what was going on and she starts to cry more and she was saying h-h-he  s-said  h-he  will n-not l-leave me if i do not k-k-k-kiss  him and she was crying harder  and i look at the boys and i tell her witch one and she pointe's at the boy with black hair  and he was taller then me and stronger then but i did not care i went in and punched him on the face and he got up and punched me in the face to and jasmine came and put her hand on my face and said are u ok and it was getting dark  and then i stayed up and i see jasmine go to the boy and she starts to hit him and punch him and he slaps her on her face but she got back up and hit him so hard on the face that he fell on the floor and she came back to me and she was crying and she had blood on her face and i start to cry and she said what is wrong and i tell her u are not safe with me  and she starts to cry saying no i am  the safes girl with u and then i see the boy get up and i pull her to me and then she pushes me way and she gets up and punches the boy over  and over and she say thats what u get for punching my boyfriend and she goes back to me  and said last go and agree with her and felt bad for getting her in to all this and then she kisses me and said thank you for today  and i look at her and say what do u mean? she said i had fun  but till u got punched . and then i tell her u are more stronger then me and she said well i got all my anger out on  him so ya , and i tell remember to tell me not to get in a fight with u and she said oh u wont . and is ay i hope so and then i look at jasmine and she  had blood coming down my her head  and i tell her i have to take u to the doctor and she said why?  i tell her u have blood  coming down your head she said oh well ok and i take her to the doctor he said how did she get this and she said she got in a fight with one of her friends and i look at her and then he said well ok 1 min and he went out i smile  at her and she said what ? i say nothing . she said ok then why are u smiling ? i tell her well i have a wonderful  girlfriend u are the best looking girl  and i can't live with out u . and she said well good thing i am here she tells me . and i say yes and what do u want to do for tonight  and she said well we can watch a movie  and i smile ok then then the doctor say's here put this on her for 3 days and i tell the doctor ok thank you for your time  and e go to the hotel 


sorry for the short chapter and thx for reading  happy reading to all  <3 :) 

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