the feeling to be loved

jasmine is a girl who has a grate life she loves her family . and she wishes she can see the most famous boy band the 1D .but what happens when her dad gets a job to work with the one direction and two of the fall in love with her what will happen when she loves the both of them . and what happens when some one takes jasmine way from the both of them read to see


5. at the USA

HARRY(POV)i get up and i look next to me and i do not see jasmine i see Liam then i said to my self  Liam was with Niall not with me then i look were Niall was and i se jasmine there sleeping  then i get up and i go to were Niall was and i shake him up and i ask him what is jasmine doing with u jasmine ?!?! Then he said she came next to me when u went to sleep . Then i see jasmine get up and said what is going on ? and then Niall said to her tell him how u came here next to me. and the i look at her and then she said ya i did Niall was the only one up so i came next to him well i asked Liam if  can be here and he said ok so here i am now . then i look at him u better have not try anything funny with her . and then he said NO i did not ok mate .  i can see how jasmine was getting sad and the she got up and said she will go to the bathroom and i see here crying then i was going to go after her but the Niall said let her go mate she need's time alone . i agree with him and the he said do u love her mate. and i look at him and i said yes i do . and then i ask him do u . and he said yes . and then i said what are we going to do and the he said let her pick who she wants it will be better that way .  then  we see jasmine come out of the bathroom and then she said good morning  to both of us and she kisses us both on the cheek and then i got happy and then i say good morning to her and the i say sorry to her and then she said it is ok . she said it is nice to have some one look after her .i was looking after her but i did that so Niall did not take her from me the her dad comes and said get ready we are landing in 5 min so jasmine come's and sit's next to me again i ask her if she loves cat's and then she look's at me and said yes i love cat soooo much . i smile at her and the i tell her i do too and then she said i know u do CAT. i look at her and she said i will call u my CAT . and i tell her i will call u Kitty . and then she was smiling so much that she made me smile with her .

JAMINE(POV) i was sleeping till i hear Harry telling Niall what was i doing will Niall and Niall said that he went to sleep and i was  up so she came to me and asked Liam if she can sit next to me and he said ok .and the i tell them what is going on here i then Harry tell's me it this true and i say yes .and then he tell's Niall u better have not try anything funny with me . i get up and say i need to go to the bathroom  and i was running to the bathroom crying  i got in  i wash my face and them my hand and then i say why me why to boy's why not one boy  and love them both but will have to pick one if they ask me . but who do i pick Niall or Harry .then i say jasmine u are ok one of them will not like me like that  one of them will like me as a friend  i hope so i get out of the bathroom so i can go back to my seat and i see Liam when back with Niall so i go to both of them and kiss them on the cheek and tell the good morning  and then i go sit next to harry and then he say's sorry to me and  tell him it is ok .i said it is nice to have some one look after me . and then he ask me do i love CAT'S and i tell him i love CAT'S. and then he said me too i tell him i know CAT. and then he look's at me and i tell him i will call him CAT . and then he said he will call me Kitty and the i smiled so much that  it made him smile .

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