the feeling to be loved

jasmine is a girl who has a grate life she loves her family . and she wishes she can see the most famous boy band the 1D .but what happens when her dad gets a job to work with the one direction and two of the fall in love with her what will happen when she loves the both of them . and what happens when some one takes jasmine way from the both of them read to see


8. at the pool

JASMINE(POV)well all the boy's left but this time HARRY stayed i was happy i wanted to go swim so i tell HARRY that i want to go swimming and he said ok so  i got ready so did he so then i got out we went down to the pool no one was there that was good so the i start so take off my shirt and short's and HARRY was looking at me the hole time then i get in he said u look nice in pink and i tell him thx i say u look nice in blue and he said thx we star to swim around till he said lats play a game and i said ok what game he said  u have to swim around the pool and if i fined u u have to hold my hand for the hole day and i said deal we start to play he had a hard time looking for me but i am a fast swimmer so yaa it was hard for him to find me  and then he swam so fast that he got me and i was there and i said NOOO u found me and he said i win and he takes my hand i holds it and he said now i win ya but u had a hard time looking for me and the he said ya but it was worth it and i blush so what do u want to do  i ask him he said we can kiss to pass the time and he smiled and i say not now i say we are not dating so no sorry when i know u good i will think about it ok but now i will only kiss you cheek  and hold your hand no more then that sorry .and then he said ya i know and the i kiss him on the lip and the i pull back and said there u go and he smiled so much that he made me smile with him i i said lats go up to change and he said ok and he did not  let go of my hand and he said it is night he said i will still hold your hand tomorrow and i say ok . and then i tell him i have to tell u something he said ya i tell him i am 15 and then he said what ? he went crazy . and the i tell him u should have seen your face and he look's at me and said what? i tell him i am 18 and he was like ok do not do that again plz ok i tell i will try CAT and he said go Kitty and we went up  and we changed and the it was like 8:00pm i ask him do u know where they went he said no i ask him are u hungry he said ya i tell him i will make some soup i made it it was good that was the first time u make soup i tell him he is like what this the best soup .

LIAM(POV)we have been gone for a long time and Niall keep's asking us when will we go back i then i tell him can we talk and he said ok i ask him why do u want to go back he said i like jasmine i do not want harry being with her they can be kissing and i when i get there he will say he is dating jasmine or something like that he tells me and i tell him she will not do that mate  and he said ya but i do not trust harry with her not one bit he tells me and the i say call her then i tell him and he said ya why did i not think of that .

NIALL(POV) i called and called but she did not pick up and then some one is calling me and i was jasmine i was happy i say hello and she said hi sorry i did not pick up i went swimming with harry and i was so mad and i said did u do anything funny  no i did not  do anything funny and was happy oh ya were are u and then i tell her at  shop  ok and then she said all of u have been gone for live for 4 hours come back i want u all back  i tell her i will ask them . then i tell her we will be there in 45 min  ok i tell her and then she said ok see u soon  and bring some food i am going to die .the i tell her harry did not cook no . she said the she said i made soup but i am hungry the i harry screams saying u had 3 bowls of soup and then she said shut up harry and then she said bring some fooooood ok or  if u do not bring food u will see me dead on my bed  soooo hurry up plzzz!!!!! ok i tell her be there soon and oh ya i do not want pork ok i want beef or chicken  ok and i ask her why not pork then she said i cant have like Zayn u can ask him why i can't have pork ok love u bye she tells me . and i know why she cant have it she is right she is like Zayn  . 


i hope u like this chapter i will do more tomorrow plzz i need names for jasmine new friends so give me your names and u will be in the story thx . i hope u like it so far i am doing my best to make it better every time love u all have a nice day to day!!!!!!!! from :jasmine  

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