the feeling to be loved

jasmine is a girl who has a grate life she loves her family . and she wishes she can see the most famous boy band the 1D .but what happens when her dad gets a job to work with the one direction and two of the fall in love with her what will happen when she loves the both of them . and what happens when some one takes jasmine way from the both of them read to see


6. at the hotel

NIALL(POV) we were at the hotel it was big and the jasmine dad said that jasmine will have her  own room i look at her and she smiles at me and the i smile back at her  she said to her dad if she can go to her room  to take a bath and he said yes her room was the next on to u that was grate for us but then  i look at harry and he is looking at the door  and i go to him and ask him what was he doing he said that we was waiting for her to come back . ok know i was getting mad that he will do that  for her and i did not do anything so i tex her saying when will she come back and the she tex me back saying she will be back in like 20 min ok  .then i got to harry and tell him that she will be back in 20 min and then he look's at me and said ok and he go's back to the door . i was like man this one must mean so much for him but i love her too. jasmine  dad said oh NO!! and then we all run to him and we ask him what is going on he said jasmine birthday is tomorrow what am i going to do ? and we all look at him and said u mean what are we going to do ? and then he look's at us and said u what to do a birthday for her and then louis said ya we love party's  and the we said how will we get the stuff for her the ZAYN said he will take her out and we go buy the stuff . and we said ok . and the i tex jasmine that we will go out  and that ZAYN will be here with u and the she tex me back saying ok by love u all have fun and say hi to harry and the boy's and my dad love u . i was so happy that she said she loves me i had  a smile on my face and then they look at me and say what is up ad i say nothing and the Louis takes my phone and read's the tex she said me .and i see all of them say OMG she loves u and the LIAM say's that she said she love us all ok lats go and buy stuff for jasmine . i look at harry and then he got a tex from jasmine and he comes to my face and said she loves me 2  and i tell him that is good for u mate . 

ZAYN (POV) ok something is going on with niall and harry and i think they love jasmine i mean she is a grate girl  but i do not want them dating her she is like a sis to  me and if they brake her hart i will kill them but i am ok if niall dates her but harry i do not want that much i think he will brake her hart and she look's like she is a very soft girl i mean she is so shy and she have a smile on her face and that is good . then the door opens and she comes in and she looked hot .what am i saying i just said she is like a sis to me and here i am saying she look's hot man i am so dumb . then she comes to me and ask were did the boy's go i tell her they went to get some thing from some shops and the she said ok . and then she said i am  getting hungry now and then she ask me if i am to and i say yes .and then she calls room serves and she tells them for so much food and then i tell her we are only 2 and the she look at me and said that is all for me u did not tell me what u want and my face was like this 0.0 . what ? and she smiles and said this it for me and dummy . and then i say ok. i hope u like this chapter i am still new so ya i will try to make it more but i have h.w and school so sorry will  try to do more every day for all of u i have twitter it is @jasmineridley1  hope u like the story love u all have a nice day

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