the feeling to be loved

jasmine is a girl who has a grate life she loves her family . and she wishes she can see the most famous boy band the 1D .but what happens when her dad gets a job to work with the one direction and two of the fall in love with her what will happen when she loves the both of them . and what happens when some one takes jasmine way from the both of them read to see


12. am i dreaming

JASMINE(POV)i wake up in the morning and i see harry sleeping next to him and he a smile on his face and i say am i dreaming ? and then i say no cant be dating harry and then he say's morning princess and i smile . and i say then i think i am not dreaming then ,and i say morning love and he kisses me and i kiss him back and i say get up !! and he said why i start to say am hungry hungry and start to rub my tummy  and he said u are just like Niall when u want food. And i tell him soo i love food so get up or no food for u .and he gets up and said ok ok lats go and i scream FOOOD HERE I COME !! and harry look at me and said do u love food more then me and i say yes . and his smile left but not as much as your smile and he smile and he said yes u love my smile more then food !! :) and then we went down and all the boys were there but not Niall  then harry starts to talk to the boys and i said i will go to Niall and when i went there Niall was in there i went to him  and he said i am sorry for what i did. and i tell him it is ok u did not know and i tell him what i said last night was true . and he said so u till love me ?and i tell him yes but now i love harry more but i have a place in my hart for u . and he smiles and i tell him do not tell harry plzz .and he said ok i will not say anything and i smile at him and kiss him on the cheek and tell him if he had a hang over and he said he was ok and i tell him come on there is food. and the second thing i know he was running to the table to get his food. and i smile there goes my food and i run to and me and him are fighting  for the plate and every on was like go Niall go Niall and then i kiss him on the cheek nd then he stops for one mis and i stuff the food in my mouth and every one was like Niall how can u let this happen and harry was looking all me and i look back at him and then i go to him that was for him and i say this if for u an i kiss him  and then i saw him smile and i smiled too . then one of them say get a room and i look at harry and take his hand and take him to the room and we kissed for a long time and then i can see some one looking and i say i can see u and the all ran off and i look at harry and he said it was ok if they look , but then i tell him they said to get a room and they still come to see so what was the point to come to the room if they want to see and he agreed . then harry said do u want to go to the water park to day and i say do i yes i do !! and he said u act like a kid and smile and tell him cus i am one and he smiles and said no u are now 19 and i say soooo and then he said u can not go looking sexy now and i say why not and i am not sexy i am beautiful  and he said ok number 1- u are mine so if u go out look all nice very one will look at u . and 2- u are sexy and beautiful  and 3- u are mine so u can only look sexy for me . and he had the biggest smile on his face and i say ok 1- do not say i am sexy say i am beautiful 2- so let every one see ho care's  i am your  3 and i will only look sexy for u and i kiss him . and he was like ok beautiful lats go only the two of us ok and i tell him ok and then he said put the red and black one and i say okkk if u want . and then he said and put your hair up u look nice with it like that, and  put your black glasses. and i tell hi ok ok i will now go get ready and he said ok and he went to get his stuff and then he came back and i was getting dressed and i tell him to look some were   and then he said ok and he starts to look at me and i tell him tern around and he said why and i tell him well i do not like some one looking at me when i change . and he said well i am dating u so it is ok and tell him no it is not  and he said it is ok  and i say ok and then i go to the bed and go under the sheets and start to change and i put my thing on quick and then i was done and then i till was moving to see if he will come and he did and i say ok u are a bad boy and he said u look good and i tell him thx now lats go  .

sorry for the short chapter  i will make longer thx for reading 

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