the feeling to be loved

jasmine is a girl who has a grate life she loves her family . and she wishes she can see the most famous boy band the 1D .but what happens when her dad gets a job to work with the one direction and two of the fall in love with her what will happen when she loves the both of them . and what happens when some one takes jasmine way from the both of them read to see


20. a date with my new clothes

JASMINE(POV) so harry just got me stuff  and he said that we are going out and he said to put on one of the outfits he got me . i have no problem with that but what do u put on so  i think i should put on a shirt that says HELLO!! on it it is cream color  and i will put on some black super skinny jeans  and some black vans  but now i i see my hair and i went to to my hair and made it blue from the bottom and i was like grate why didn't i jest keep it black but i will not go change it now what color will i do my nails well i like doing my nails black but i will do them pink dark pink .yes i love dark colors i never loved liked colors that show i love color that are dark so as i got ready i looked at my watch and i  still have  2 hours till my date well harry went  to do a show so i am by my self i got nothing to do so i went to get some beer and i finished it all and i went to turn on the T.V and when i turn it on Harry was on and i was like what he said he want to do a show but ok  . and they started asking stuff like is it true that u are dating the girl jasmine who want on the X factor and he was like yes . and they asked are u happy with her harry did not say anything then my heart stopped  and he looked at the at the boys and then said i am madly in love with her and i was smiling thinking how i love that boy then the showed a video of  me on the X factor singing and i was like OMG why are the showing me and they said wow we know why u are dating her harry she has a wonderful  voice  and i was ok  and then they started asking harry what is her favorite girl band and he said little mix and boy band and he said us and color and he was like blue and any dark colors and they asked does she drink and harry was like ya but very little and then Louis says a little u mean a hole bunch and i was like Louis shut up !! and then the man said ummm ok and they asked harry one more thing  asking what is my talent and harry said well she is a good dancer and singer and she loves to draw and i was like man they want to know everything about me . so now i have been watching this forever and then i was like i want to sleep but i cant because if i do i will mess up my hair and what i have on so no then i was like i will check my facebook and i went and then i had like 40 people want to be my friend i was  like i do not know u and then i saw LOISE AND NIALL AND LIME we i said yes but to bad harry does not have on but he has a twitter and that is ok with me so i went to play mall world and i was fun i mean i never played it my friends said i was fun so i did and it was  . ok i had 30 min till harry gets here so i got out of it and went  to check my self and i was ok i did not put on makeup because i like being me and then when i was going out i see Niall and he was like umm hi and i was ummm hi and he said u look nice and i was like thx love u don't look bad your self and he smiled and he said why was i dressed up and i was like harry and i will go out and he was like ohh and he said harry had some stuff to do he will be back in 2 hours and i was like what ???!!?!?! and he said do u want to go out to get something and i was like umm ok like a frapp and i was like o so i got my stuff and went out we went in a black car and we   waited in till the driver came in and Niall said the place it was a small place it was nice  . we had are frapps and i was like what time is it and he said it is 6:25and i was like ok i have 1 hour till i have to go back and then this fan comes and asked niall for a pic and she said OMG HOW CAN U DOTHIS TO HARRY !! and i was like what ?? and then she said U ARE DATING HARRY AND THIS IS WHAT U DO TOO HIM and i was like harry is at work and niall too me to get something to have and then she started taking pic's of me and then she said i will put this on on twitter and i got up and i say come o niall and so we want back to the hotel and then i see harry and he said what is this and i was like hi and he said what is this and i was like harry i want with niall to get a frapp because u did not come and he said u did not text me and i was like yes i did and he said no and i was like go check so he did and he was like ummmmm ok i see it and i was like see now that girl took a pic of me and said stuff ok 


hi i hope u like it plzz tell me what u think it will mean soo much plzzz and thx for reading  have a nice day :) :) <3 <3 <3 <3 :) 

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