Artists of Life

Gary and Brent are a happy couple, but unfortunately not that lucky on business. They are lack of money, and so they make a casting to find the perfect new room mate for getting some extra cash. But when it’s not working out, and they think they’ve lost everything, they meet Haley. A girl that gives them new hope and let them continue working and believing in their dreams.

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3. The Pilot room men's

Gary, a thin and tall young man, about the age of 30, is walkin up and down behind the sofa. He holds cards in his hands, and tries to memorize the words on there. He looks at the cards, mumbling words.

GARY: Dear passengers, ... soon take off ... have to wait... just a little problem, no worry.

Keys opening a door can be heard. Brent, also a thin man but a bit smaller than Gary, also about the age of 30, walks into the room, reading the mail. He walks through the living room, to the kitchen at the other side of the room. He lays down some letters, opens one, reads it without saying a word. Gary stops mumbling and walking, looking at Brent, walks to the kitchen table, sits on a chair.

GARY: I'm so glad that you're home again. I need a break. These lines are going to kill me.

BRENT: Oh my god. No, this can't be possible.

GARY: I know that lines can't even hurt someone, but...

Brent looks worried, looks at the letter, tosses it onto the table, sighs, sits down on the other side of the table, resting his head in his hands. Gary looks worried, too, and takes and reads the letter.

GARY: No, they can't do that. They can't kick us out of the apartment. Now that I got the job as a pilot. We'll get the money.

BRENT: It's just a role, sweetie. And you're not even sure if you'll get it. We have tried everything, and as it seems we failed.

GARY: No, I'll get that role and we'll be able to pay the rent. We just started to live our dream, we can't give up, not now. And this place is amazing.

BRENT: I know, Gary, but we can't afford it anymore. We came to New York to work, but all we got are debts.

GARY: We can't give up. This is not why we came here.

Brent looks upset, Gary throws the letter on the table, looks frustrated, angry. Then he turns his head back to Brent and starts smiling. He looks like he has an idea that could help them out. Brent looks into his eyes, afraid of what might happen.

BRENT: What are you thinking of?

GARY: It's gonna be big, pretty awesome.

Gary jumps up from his chair he's sitting on, running with excitedmend through the room.

GARY: We're doing a casting. Imagine how great this would be. And I always wanted to be a casting director, it's such a huge honor to judge. Maybe we can print posters, instead of such borning ads in the newspaper. Just a picture with us and below something like: the best casting you've ever been.

Brent makes his eyes wide open, turns his head to the right shoulder and looks puzzled. Then he turns his head back into the normal position, and looks like he would focus something far away. Then he just shakes his head and turns away, goes to the sink.

GARY: Brent, look. This is my chance to practice, to improve my acting, and you can do what you always do. Be nice and magical.

He comes over to the sink, standing next to Brent, smiling at him. Brent turns his head, looks him into the eyes, but still puzzled.

BRENT: You can find something positive in everything. And as usually it's crazy. Do you really want someone else to live with us? Maybe this new person won't understand why you turn your life often into a stage and just starts acting like out of nowhere.

GARY: I know. But he will get used to it.

BRENT: He? You want a another man to live here?

GARY: Are you already jealous?

Gary moves closer to Brent, stands behind him and starts to massage him. With his hands on Brent's shoulders, Gary keeps talking.

GARY: You think he could look better than you, or be nicer. But that won't happen. The three of us can have so much fun, and it's the only possibily to get some extra cash. And you know that we need it for paying the rent. And we've already come so far, don't you think? Do you really throw this all just away?

BRENT: Of course not. Maybe you're right and it's gonna be a good thing to have someone else around.

He turns to Gary, and smiles.

BRENT: You're right. Let's do this.

GARY: Yay! You won't regret it.

He jumps up in the air by saying 'yay', gives Brent a kiss, and runs with excitement out of the living room.

He is smiling, shaking his head, taking the letter and put it onto the desk.

INT.LIVING ROOM MEN'S APARTMENT.night (America's new Roommate)

Gary wears a green/red-striped scarf around his neck, puts two chairs next to the sofa, which he put aside, as well as the table. Brent enters the room, seems nervous, holding the clipboard with both hands, and shivering a bit.

GARY: What's up. Are you okay?

Gary comes towards Brent, guiding him to a chair and let him sit down. He puts his arm around Brent's neck.

GARY: It will be great, believe me. I've made this wonderful posters, and I've hung them out everywhere. So lots of guys will come.

BRENT: Have you seen them before? And are you sure, that at least one will come?

GARY: No one can say 'no' to that.

Gary shows the poster which was lying next to the chair Gary sits on. It shows Gary and Brent sitting on their sofa and smiling into the camera. Below the text: wanna join the fun - then RUN!

BRENT: Wanna join the fun, then run? Why should they run?

GARY: They should hurry up, come as soon as possible and join us on the sofa. Everyone wants to have fun, plus I've added something underneath. See.

He pointed on a text written in a star, in the right bottom corner: enter the ultimative casting.

BRENT: Don't you think you missed something? Maybe something important?

GARY: No. What.. what do you mean? It's all on there. What is missing? There's our phone number, and address and email.

He looks at the poster and tries to check if he forgot anything but doesn't find it.

BRENT: Maybe what this ultimative casting is for? They won't come only for 'the fun'.

GARY: Oh. I. Oh.

Gary puts his right hand in front of his mouth and sits down on the chair next to the kitchen table. He seems a bit shocked.

GARY: You knew that it won't work, didn't you?

BRENT: You did an awesome job, Gary. That's not the question and you look simply handsome.

He goes over to Gary and hugs him.

BRENT: I'm just not sure if this all is really a good idea. I mean who would come to us and do we want to live with someone else? Do we want to share this?

INT.LIVING ROOM MEN'S APARTMENT.night (Talk about tom)

GARY: Oh come on. Why shouldn't it be funny to have someone else around? Only because of that one guy you met at a bar?

BRENT: We're not talking about Tom. I'm so done with him.

Brent shakes his head and walks to the sofa while he speaks, Gary follows him, Brent sits on the right side of the sofa, Gary sits next to him. Gary looks at Brent smiling.

GARY: Hey sweetie, shall I show you my snake?

Brent looks away from Gary, outside the window next to him, looks annoyed.

GARY: Come on. This was one time. You never saw him afterwards. And not everyone has real snakes at their homes.

BRENT: This wasn't like that. I told him that I could play the flute, do you get that? He thought I am one of those snake charmers.

GARY: And he wasn't wrong about that.

BRENT: I just doesn't want strangers to live here, that's all.

Brent stands up, goes back into the kitchen, followed by Gary, opens a bottle that stands on the kitchen table.

GARY: Okay, I know you think that Tom might appear, but he won't. There are so many cool guys out there. Imagine it could be someone who works at the theater. One who could help us, and till then, he gives us money to pay our rent. What should be wrong about that?

BRENT: It's really sweet how much you're trying. I'm just thinking...

Brent sighs.

GARY: Let me do the thinking. Just for now. Only this time.

BRENT: Thinking is not your strenght, sweetie.

Brent holds the poster with his right hand up in the air, in front of Gary and smiles.

GARY: I..I was just... acting. So far I acted to be the dumb one. That.. that you feel smarter, yeah.

Gary nodds and takes the poster, crumples it up, and tosses it into the garbage can.

BRENT: Oh and now, just for a change, you act differently that I feel less smart?

GARY: You are smart enought to know that you are smart.

BRENT: And you just recognized that?

GARY: Better late than never, right?

He smiles at Brent, looks at him flirty.

BRENT: Okay, I trust you. Act like the smart thinking one. I guess if you want to act like me, I have to try acting like you.

GARY: Acting is not your strenght, but anyway, it's the right choice. You won't regret it.

He walks from the kitchen table to the coffee table in front of the sofa, spreads his arms like a TV host.

GARY: Welcome everyone to the ultimative casting. Forget everything you've seen before, forget all the upcoming singers, comedians and actors. Here you see true talent, true art that is brought to us by life. Welcome to 'America's New Roommate'.

While Brent smiles from behind the kitchen table, Gary puts something outside his left pants pocket, pushs the button and applause can he heard. Gary makes his bows like he would thank the audience after a play.


Gary and Brent are sitting at the kitchen table and having lunch.

BRENT: So, how's it going, Mr casting director? Heard from anyone who'd like to come?

GARY: Plenty. You'll be surprised how many guys will show up later.

He sounds like he didn't heard of anyone but doesn't wanna say that, but looks like Brent notices that anyway.

BRENT: Hope that my maths skills are good enough to count that 'large' amount.

He let the word 'large' sound like he means it sarcastically.

GARY: You had an A in maths. There could be 15³ people and you'd still have the overview.

Gary stands up and puts his plate into the sink.

BRENT: 15³ people? If that's your sensation magnitude, I might should relate it to your stimulus intensity.


'knock knock' can be heard

Gary and Brent look confused at each other. Brent forms his lips to whisper.

BRENT: Who's that?

GARY: I have no idea.

Gary looks at the door and opens it. 

A man dressed as a Clown appeared. He looked like Krusty from the Simpsons and greets the guys like Krusty the kids on his show.

CLOWN: Hey, hey, hey. What's up everyone? Are you ready for some fun?

He walks into the room, right towards Brent, smiling all over his face. Brent looks astonished. The clown puts his left arm around Brent, who looks now a bit panicked at him.

CLOWN: You look like you haven't had that much fun lately? But luckily Krusty's here now to help you out.


GARY: Stop touching him! Who do you think you are? No one has allowed you to just go into our apartement.

CLOWN: But, isn't this the audition for the new roommate?

BRENT: You are here because of that?

He walks to the garbace can, puts the crinkled poster out of it and shows it to the man in the clown custume.

CLOWN: Yeah, and I came here running. Thought I had to do that, coz I wanna join the fun. What can be more fun than fun?

He squishs his nose, and then jumps up in the air like a jumping jack. Brent and Gary look confused at each other.

GARY: Hold on. I'll be right back.

He leaves the room, while Brent is shouting and gazes after him.

BRENT: You can't. Gary. Where are you going? Come back.

CLOWN: Don't worry, sweetie. I'm here now.

He smiles at Brent, smugly. Brent looks horrified, but then Gary comes back, wearing his scarf again around his neck and a beret on his head.

GARY: Let the auditions start. The ultimative casting, the best show you've ever seen.


Brent is sitting on the sofa with a clipboard on his lap, Gary sets the video camera next to Brent to film the auditions. Then he stands in front of it.

GARY: Welcome to America's New Roommate. By tuning in you already made the right decision. This is the ultimative casting, and now we're gonna show you the first candidate.

He sits down next to Brent, who whispers into his ear.

BRENT: Do you think it's a good idea to make a live stream? Who do you think wants to see this?

GARY: Trust me, Brent. There are lots of guys out there who wants to see what two men do behind closed doors.

BRENT: Is that the reason you put it onto a gay platform?

GARY: Yes. 'Two men filming how they find a new guy to move in and join the fun with them. Who will come?' Who wouldn't wanna watch this?

Gary smiles and shows the first candidate to come into the living room. The lady wears a ladies' suit, glasses, and a bun.

LADY: I am here because so many things went totally wrong here. It's my job to look that everything is right, I am not only seeking justice, I am administer justice. No one can cheat on it. Because we would all suffer if there wouldn't be any rules.

She gives Gary and Brent a letter.

LADY: I guess you don't have any rules here in this apartment. No cleaning rota, you have not even an idea of feng shui. It's the total chaos in here. I gave you day plans, how to structure your day in the most effective way. Don't let anything or anyone distract you from that plan. Anarchy is your worst enemy.

Gary and Brent looks shocked at each other, with their eyes wide open. They put the letters away, and try to smile kindly at the lady.

Next take. A man is standing in front of the guys.

CHAD: I am so glad that you give me the honor to be here with you today. It's such a pleasure and I am totally grateful for that. Thank you so much.

BRENT: Oh you're very welcome.

He looks at his clipboard and adds

BRENT: Chad.

Chad comes to the men, sits between them, hugs them and starts to cry.

CHAD: You are so awesome. I've never met such nice guys before. All the women I'd been with, okay it was only one, but hey, I'm only 25 and I was shortly before to finally lose my virginity, but hey, that girl went crazy. She said I'm not normal after I told her. And I only told her because we were a couple for a whole month but didn't had sex. What's wrong with me?

Brent tries to comfort him.

BRENT: Nothing is wrong with you, Chad. You are a really nice man, and you'll find your perfect partner pretty soon.

CHAD: Are you sure? I don't wanna be alone. But I don't wanna be under pressure. I mean I lost my parents when I was 20 by a car accident. And because I didn't wanna lose another person I love, I stopped meeting people. But I felt so lonely, and so I went out again. And then I met her. Oh I miss her.

GARY: We understand you, Chad. Believe me, everything will be alright again very soon.

Gary and Brent look at each other. They are sorry but also don't know how to handle the situation well.

Next take. A girl in a pink dress and light blonde hair stand in front of the guys.

BARBEE: Hey, I am Barbee. I am a big fan of the doll, she is my icon. Because she wears so super cool stuff, and drives a pink car and lives in a pink house. And I love pink.

Her chihuahua jumps out of her pink hand bag, lying on the floor behind her.

BARBEE: Oh no, Lady Princess, come here to me. Come back.

She doesn't move, she stands there without doing anything than spreading her arms. The dog runs across the room, and it's Brent who catches the dog and gives it back to Barbee.

BRENT: Here. What do you do when Lady Princess runs away? Won't you try to catch her?

BARBEE: I'm a girl, not a runner. Running is something for poor people. Have you ever seen Barbie running?

BRENT: Dolls can't run.

BARBEE: Sure they can. Never saw Nicole Scherzinger? They just have other people to run for them.

Next take. A man dressed like a woman is the next candidate.

MAN-WOMAN: This is the dream of every little girl. To live with two handsome princes.

GARY: Oh that is so sweet of you. Thank you.

MAN-WOMAN: It's true. I currently live with two girls. At first I thought it's great, we can do our hair, our nails together. We can have pyjama parties, and beauty evenings. But it's like living with chicks. Gibber and Jabber the whole time. I mean I love to talk about rumors, and to create new ones. I am the greatest rumor-monger you've ever met. I can tell you, these chicks look like witches, cruel and evil when they had their face pack on.


Next take. The men sitting on the sofa, looking at what they filmed.

BRENT: I'm exhausted. I can't say who was the worst.

GARY: Chad was nice.

BRENT: But he only cried. Almost the whole time. I don't wanna have a swimming pool in here every day. Not such one.

GARY: You're right. If he would live here, we'd need to hire a swab.

BRENT: I knew that it wouldn't work. I told you. I guess there's no other way than going back to Ohio.

He stands up and goes into the kitchen to drink some water. Gary is upset, switches the camera off, and places it on the coffee table.

GARY: I failed, like I'll fail my audition in two days. I am not an actor, I am only acting to be one.

He sits on the sofa, hides his face in his hands which lay on his lap, looks upset. Brent feels sorry, comes to him with a glass of water and comforts him.

BRENT: You don't act like an actor. You are one. You did an awesome job. Look who commented on our live stream.

He shows Gary his phone. Gary read out loud.

GARY: The lawyer lady should meet cry-baby - I bet she finds a law that prohibits him to cry as it's probably no part of his effectively used day plan.

BRENT: I was a good idea. Maybe he haven't found our new roommate yet, we'll keep searching. We didn't come here to give up, right? And now let's buy something for your audition. I can't wait to take off with this handsome pilot.

He smiles at him, Gary smiles back.

GARY: Okay, let's do this, lets go shopping. And I'll show everyone that I am a real actor.

Gary stands up, very confidently and acts like he would adjust his tie.

GARY: I'm Harrison, Gary Harrison. I drink my martini neither shaken nor stirred. Just because it's icky. But I am on a mission, the mission to fight against boredom. And this...

he points to Brent and gives him his hand to stand up from the sofa.

GARY: my men. He will help me. We are super men, nothing and no one can stop us.

He poses like Superman, Brent smiles.

Int.Clothing Store Men's

Gary and Brent walk through the shop, Gary looks at some shirts.

GARY: What do you think about that one?

He holds the shirt in front of himself to show Brent how it would look on him.

BRENT: It's okay. But don't you wanna buy something in which you look more like a pilot?

He looks for another shirt and shows it to Gary.

BRENT: Like that one. Soft and white. Just like you.

GARY: Just a white shirt?

BRENT: That's all you need to wear.

GARY: You want everyone to see me wearing only a shirt?

BRENT: I'm looking for some pants.

He seeks the pants and as he sees them, he walks there. A female shop assistant with brown hair, high heels, a low-cut blouse, at about the age of 25, appears behind Gary and starts flirting with him.

CHLOE: How can I help you, sweetie?

GARY: I am looking for the perfect outfit for a pilot. Do you have something suitable?

CHLOE: A pilot, hmm.

She presses her lips together, seems impressed. Looks at his whole body up and down, and takes a suit from the shelf behind her.

CHLOE: That would look awesome on you, handsome. You can wear that.

She puts him the jacket on, shows him the shirt and pants.

CHLOE: You should try the whole outfit. There are the changing cubicles.

She guides him to the cubicles. He smiles at her and goes in.


Brent is looking for some pants, while another female shop assistant, but with blonde long hair, a white blouse and a black short skirt, also at the age of about 25, comes to him.

HALEY: What are you looking for?

BRENT: Huh? Oh, I want pants that suits to this shirt.

HALEY: Almost every pants suit to that shirt. It's pure white.

BRENT: Thanks. You are a big help.

HALEY: I'm sorry. It's just not my day, today. What about this one?

She shows him a dark blue pants.

BRENT: I thought about a grey one, but okay. I guess Gary would prefer that anyway.

HALEY: It's not for you?

BRENT: No, it's for my boyfriend over there.

He looks around to show her Gary but couldn't see him. He looks confused. Haley looks into the direction Brent points but also couldn't see anyone.

HALEY: Okay. Has 'Gary' the same size as you?

BRENT: Not the same, exactly. But more or less, yeah.

HALEY: Then why don't you try the pants first, and if it suits you, you can give it Gary later.

She smiles at him and guides him to the cubicle, next to the one in which Gary is.


Chloe comes back to Gary, looks into his cubicle.

CHLOE: Hey sweetie, are you finished? I have found something else that could suit you.

Gary comes out, looks satisfied.

GARY: It's great. I love it. The perfect suit.

He changes his voice that he sounds like a pilot speaking to his passengers.

GARY: Dear ladies and gentlemen. We are finally ready for takeoff.

CHLOE: That's fun. I've never met a pilot before. That makes you even more sexy. Did you know that I'd be a good flight attendant?

GARY: You are?

Chloe smiles, comes closer to Gary and whispers into his ear.

CHLOE: The best you've ever seen. I can bring you whatever you want and whenever you want it. And I also know how to start the engine.

Brent comes out of his cubicle.

BRENT: Gary? Is that you? What's going on here?

Then he looks at Gary.

GARY: What do you think? Do I look like a pilot?

BRENT: That's... wow...I am... wow

Haley joins the guys with grey pants for Brent.

HALEY: Hey, I've found some grey pants. Oh is that Gary?

BRENT: Yes, he's the one who needs new pants. But he looks awesome in these.

CHLOE: Wait. What do you mean by 'do I look like a pilot?' You're not a real pilot?

GARY: No, I have an audition for a play in two days. And there I can be a pilot. That's the good thing on being an actor, you can be whatever you want and you can play whenever you want.

CHLOE: Oh my god. I'm blamed. How could I not have figured that out earlier. An actor. As if anyone needs actors anymore. These are the ones who don't know who they are and so they try to be one day a pilot and the next one a dumb-ass.

She walks away, looks pissed off, but then she sees another man, starts smiling again and walks towards him.

HALEY: That's why I call her Miss Charlie Harper. Either something went wrong and she was originally planned to become a man, or she is the female reincarnation of Charlie. But that wouldn't change that she's a slut.

GARY: She seemed to be nice to me, and she helped me to find that suit.

HALEY: Yeah, let me say: Chloe's also an actress. She acts the way she thinks is needed to get what she wants. And all she wants is... fun, you know?

BRENT: I do. She flirted with you, Gary. Haven't you noticed that?

GARY: No, I thought she was nice because she wants to sell something.

HALEY: Yeah money is the second thing she would do everything for. This is the reason why she started to work here. Lots of men come here, and she can dress them the way she wants to. And he can give her money to pay what she chose for him, he gives her some extra cash for doing such a good work, then he invites her to dinner and they have sex. Perfect day for Chloe.

GARY: She didn't seem to me like such a person. I had to see this. I mean I should realize when someone else is acting, right? I have to look more closely.

Int.CLOTHING STORE MEN'S (at the cash desk)

Brent takes his new dark blue pants and Gary the suit. Haley is standing behind the desk with the register and packs everything into bags.

HALEY: You have made the right decision today, guys. You'll look amazing.

BRENT: Thank you so much, Haley. You've helped us a lot. We'll come more often now, right Gary?

GARY: Definitely. What about tomorrow?

BRENT: Tomorrow? But we don't need anything anymore. And we don't have that much money that we can come here everyday.

Brent looks confused but Gary looks like he has a plan.

GARY: We're not buying anything. We show this Miss Charlie what 'only actors' can do.

Ext.In front of the clothing store.Day (next day)

About ten men stand in front of the clothing store. Gary speaks to them. Brent looks sceptical.

GARY: Okay guys, I've told you the plan, you know what to do. So let's go into the men's department.

They all walk in, Brent talks to Gary.

BRENT: Do you think that's a good idea? I'm not sure what will happen, she can drive totally crazy.

GARY: Oh come on. It's only acting, it's gonna be fun. I have showed them a picture of Chloe, so then will all walk to her and flirt with her. She will be happy, takes as many of them as she wants to have dinner with, and then be surprised when they kiss each other instead of her.

BRENT: So first she thinks she was successful, that she goes out with so many good looking men. And later she realized she dated gay men?

GARY: Most of them are used to act like straight. They had to do that for a long time, so child's play for them. And fun for the actor.

He smiles and walks with Brent to the men's department.

Int.Clothing store men's (later)

Haley sees the guys coming in, notices that they are smiling and looking at Chloe surrounded by many good looking men.

HALEY: Was that your plan? To give her lots of men? What's wrong with you, guys?

GARY: They are all actors. They are all gay.

HALEY: No way. Really? Oh my gosh, you are awesome. I wanna see her face when she realizes that.

She looks at Chloe smiling.

GARY: It's like Charlie is too blind to see that the sexy girls around him are all drag queens.


While Chloe is busy with all the men and smiling triumphantly, Haley is placing in the new clothes.

GARY: You look upset. Anything we can help you with?

HALEY: Huh? Oh no, thanks guys.

Gary to Brent

GARY: She looks distacted. Talk to her.

BRENT: Why me?

GARY: You know what to say.

BRENT: Oh, and you don't because you have no script?

GARY: Haven't seen it anywhere.

BRENT: Thought good actors should be able to improvise.

Gary looks at Brent, and walks to Haley.

GARY:  Hey, Haley. I wondered since when you work here, as we haven't seen you before. We do not go shopping that often, but last time was...

paused for thinking

HALEY: Fred betrayed me. With my best friend. Can you imagine that?

She starts crying, and runs behind the cash desk.

Gary follows her, puts his arms around her and hugs her.

GARY: Stop crying. I know this must be hard for you, and if you need anyone to talk to, feel free to.

HALEY: You sure you wanna hear this? I haven't told anyone about it yet.

GARY: But it's good to talk about such things. Maybe we'll take you home and you'll tell us everything.

HALEY: I can live with you? That is so nice, you can't imagine how hard it is to find a good apartment here. And still living with your ex and seeing him everyday with your ex best friend is the reason why I am here. I needed work to distract myself.

BRENT: I understand that you need some help. And we'll be happy to help and be there for you. I just like to talk to Gary for a second, okay?

Haley nods, and Brent takes Gary on his arm and pulls him aside.

BRENT: Is she your America's New Roommate now? We barely know her. Maybe she's acting just like Chloe to get what she wants. Now I know again why we didn't come here anymore.

GARY: No, I know when someone's acting and she's not.

BRENT: Like you knew it when Chloe was acting and flirting with you?

GARY: Look, she has a regular income and that's what we need right now, to continue living our dream. And she seems really nice. Lets help her, give her a chance. I mean who wants to live with the ex?

BRENT: Okay, lets try it. I hope I won't regret that some day.

GARY: I'll still belong to you, only. And I'll spend the most time with you. No one will ever change that. But she needs us and we need her now.

They hug and kiss each other. Then they look at Haley, smiling.

INT.Corridor MEN'S APARTMENT.night

Gary opens the door and leads Haley in. She is coming through the door with two suitcases, Brent follows her with two more.

GARY:  Welcome to your new home. That's your new room.

He opens the door right across the front door and shows her a little room with a bed, a bed table, a mirror and a wardrobe.

HALEY: That's not a room, but hey, I always wanted to say I sleep in my own walk-in closet.

She smiles and sits on her bed. Brent enters the room.

BRENT: I guess so, if you need four suitcases for your clothes. And they are heavy.

HALEY: My clothes are still in my old apartment. I've firstly taken the most important stuff only.

BRENT: Oh, so these are kitchen stuff, pictures, curtains, blankets, bedclothes?

Haley looks confused.

GARY: Are you kidding? The most important stuff for a girl is her makeup and cosmetic products. Am I right, Haley?

HALEY: Oh, now I know what I forgot. Damn it. I knew something important was missing.

She seems to be a bit ashamed that she forgot her makeup.

HALEY: You are very close, but they won't fill four suitcases, maybe one... or two. No there are only my shoes, and one suitcase is still downstairs.

BRENT: These are all shoes? And that aren't all?

He looks shocked. Haley walks out of the room and leaves the apartment.

HALEY: Come on guys. You have to help me rescuing my makeup until my ex bestie takes that, too.

While she walks down the stairs, Brent and Gary follows her out of the apartment.

BRENT: Luckily you're not a girl.


(End of Pilot)

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