Artists of Life

Gary and Brent are a happy couple, but unfortunately not that lucky on business. They are lack of money, and so they make a casting to find the perfect new room mate for getting some extra cash. But when it’s not working out, and they think they’ve lost everything, they meet Haley. A girl that gives them new hope and let them continue working and believing in their dreams.

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4. S01E01 The Tryout Takeoff

Int. The Men's Aprtment. Morning

Brent is sitting on the kitchen table, writing on his novel, typing into his laptop.

Brent: And then the man jumped into the car, and he drove as fast as he could. His eyes were focused. The car in front of him, soon he will catch the man, soon he will be able to fight against him. He has to pay the price for what he had done. He accelerated, drove as fast as he can, but then....

Brent frightens when a little toy helicopter flys around his head. Gary walks into the kitchen, holding the remote.

Brent: Gary, what are you doing?

Gary: Flying an helicopter. I have the audition as a pilot today. I have to practice.

Brent: But not flying an helicopter. You act like a pilot, and I don't know what you exactly have to do, but I doubt that this is part of the audition.

Brent points to the helicopter, Gary lands it on the kitchen table, puts the remote next to it, and sits next to Brent who is looking at Gary. Gary turns around, looks into Brent's face.

Gary: I have to act like a pilot, anything can happen. What if I'll cause a crash landing? What if I'll fail, again?? 

Brent: You won't fail. You do the best you can, and show them how awesome you are. We both know that you can do it and you love it. So go there and show them who you are.

Gary looks reliefed, Brents puts his arm on Gary's shoulder and hugs him. Haley comes into the room, looks tired.

Haley: What's up, guys? Why are you already up? It's the middle of the night.

Brent: It's 8 a.m. and we both have to work. Gary's audition is today and he is a bit nervous.

Haley yawns, puts a cup out of the kitchen rack, and fills it with some coffee. She drinks a bit, and looks at the guys holding her cup.

Gary: I had to get dressed. I need this. I mean I am not that bad, am I? There are actors out there who are worse than I am, so there must be a job for me, too.

Brent: Sure, honey. It will be fine.

Gary takes the helicopter and its remote and leaves the room.

Brent: If I could help him. He so deserves this, he is a good actor, he only needs someone to believe in him, to really see his talent. But he gets so nervous, and I guess that's blocking him somehow.

Haley: I can go shopping with him first. That always helps me to feel way better.

Brent: He's a man, he doesn't like shopping. Last time, when the audition for our new roommate didn't work out, I had the idea that we go shopping. I wanted to distract him and first he said yes, and afterwards we met you, but you can't imagine what he did in the car: he struggeled if it was the right decision. If everything is the right decision, that's driving me crazy. Why is he so insecure?

Haley: He definitely needs some new stuff. Believe me, shopping with me is fun, even Gary will love it. And with a new outfit, he can't fail. And he can flirt a bit with the casting director.

Brent: Once again, Gary is a man, it's not that easy. But go ahead, give it a try.

Haley: I will. There is this new little shop right across the clothing store where I work, and they opened only a few days ago. And the guy is pretty cute.

Haley smiles all over her face.

Brent: Can it be possible, and I am just wondering, that you need an excuse to go there?

Haley: No, I was thinking that Gary needs to see a cute man, to get distracted and be less nervous.

Brent: I was talking about shopping, but I don't know why I had the thought you might like that and maybe haven't done it in a while.

Haley: True. Last time I was shopping was one week ago. I so need new stuff. Gary!

Haley is screaming Gary's name and running out of the room. Brent is shaking his head.

Brent: Girls.


Ext. Garys Car. Midday

Haley sits in the car, fastens her seatbelt. Gary sits behind the steering wheel, his seatbelt already fastend, his hands on the wheel. He looks to Haley, smiling. She looks at him.

Haley: What? Your smiling scares me.

Haley turns right and left, wondering if anything is behind her.

Gary: Are you ready?

Haley: I'm not sure anymore.

Gary starts acting like a flight attendant, doing the safety instructions.

Gary: My lady, welcome aboard Gary's flash car. It drives that fast, that you might think you'll be flying, but you won't.

Gary shakes his head, Haley looks confused at him.

Gary: Before we start make sure your seatbelt is fastened low and toght across your lap. It is important that you keep your seatbelt fastened at all times when seated to protect your self from any un-expected turbulence.

Haley: How am I supposed to get up in a car?

Gary: Just keep it fastened.

Gary shows with his hands the security exists.

Gary: There are 5 exit doors, but the trunk is not that easy to get out of, so most important are the two doors on the right and the two doors on the left. You can just open it, but only in emergency. Please be sure that your seat back is returned to its upwrite position and the glove compartment is closed. All carry on items must now be under the seat in front of you, or in the trunk. Please understand that this is a non-smoking car. Thank you for listening, welcome on board and have a great car ride.

Gary smiles and Haley still looks confused at him.

Haley: Are you sure you can drive?

Gary shows her his driver's license which was lying next to glove compartment.

Gary: I am not James Bond. I only have the licence to drive, not to kill.

Haley:  What a relief.


Int. The Men's Apartment. Midday

Brent is still sitting in the kitchen, and working on his novel.

Brent: Ohh damn, I have no idea what could come next. Think about it, think about it. It has to be something good, exiting, something that no one would ever expect.

Brent starts to think, claps his hands in front of his face, sighs, and looks frustrated. Then he hears noises from the hall.

Brent: What's this? What's going on?

Brent leaves the kitchen, opens the apartment door to the hall and sees someone carrying boxes into the apartment next door.

Brent: Oh, a new neighbor. Can I help you?

Chad: Yeah, that's so nice of you. I never forgot who amazing you guys were. Do you remember me? I was at your audition.

Brent remembered him, when Chad turned around and placed the box he was carring on the floor. Chad hugs Brent, who doesn't really like that and who looks kinda shocked. But after the hugging, Brent smiles at Chad.

Brent: Yay, I'm sorry I forgot your name. It was just so many people who wanted to move in with us. But great you found a new apartment.

Chad: I'm Chad. Chad Lucas. It was so good to talk to you guys about my girl friend. She is so crazy, and I wanna do everything to get her back, but I need help. And you are my friends, because you know me and my lil secret.

Brent: But I'm sure you have lots of other friends. I mean, someone like you.

Brent smiles as much as he can and points with both pointers on Chad, trying to make him laugh

Chad: That's so sweet of you. But no, no one wants to talk to me. And I have no idea why.

Chad starts crying.

Chad: I'm not that bad. At school everyone hated me, they did all kinda pranks, and my Mom said they will stop but they didn't and then she and my Dad died in this car accident and I was all alone in our house. That was the only reason Milly wanted to see me, because I had my own house. But I believe that she still loves me, right? She has to. She was the first girl after my Mom who cared about me.

Brent wants to comfort him, and put his arm around Chad.

Brent: She will come back, Gary and I will help you. You are a nice guy and like everyone you deserve to be loved. Let's not talk about the sad stuff, but celebrate that you are here.

Chad nods, stops crying, and follows Brent who carries his box into Chad's apartment.


Ext.Marc's costume Shop.Midday

Haley and Gary go into the costume shop, across the clothing store in which Haley works. Marc, the owner, is dressing one of his mannequins. The store is full of various costumes. Gary is very surprised and runs into the store.

Gary: Oh my God, Haley. Look at this.

He found the outfit of a police officer, and puts the hat on his head.

Gary: No standing there, Ma'am. That will be expensive.

Gary sees something else, and runs into the next corner of the shop. Marc looks at Gary, smiling.

Haley: I'm sorry, he's sometimes like a dog, just running around.

Marc: I love that. I wish I'd have more customers like him, having such a passion. I'm Marc, I own this shop.

Haley: Wow. See I can get impressed very easily, too.

Marc: I see. So have you convinced your boyfriend to go shopping with you and now you changed the roles?

Haley: He's my roommate actually, not my boyfriend, and he has an audition later and is so excited. And shopping is just the best way to get distracted, right?

Marc: That's true. And I guarantee you the best shopping experience here. We are like Disneyland, you can meet and be everyone you like in here.

Haley: So you should better name your shop: Marc's magical shop - where all your wishes will come true.

Marc: Sounds great, do you wanna be my Marketing Manager? I could need someone smart and beautiful like you.

Haley: (smiles) I work across the street. So if you need something less magical to wear, you can come to me.

Marc: I definitely will.

Gary is dressed as a pilot, spreads his arms and acts like he's flying through the room, making noises like a plane.

Haley: He just loves to play.


Int. Chad's Apartment.Afternoon

Brent helps Chad to unpack his boxes.

Brent: I didn't know that the guy who lived here before moved out. I barely saw him. Was he even a man?

Brent looks confused and puzzled.

Chad: He died. Had a heart attack two weeks ago. Don't know what happened, but hey, now I live next to you. That's so awesome.

Brent: He died? And you have no problem to live here? I'm not sure if I could live somewhere, where someone died. Maybe I could write a horror story: the death lives next door.

Chad: Not anymore. The dead is dead, and a new life is going to start here. I can feel the spirits, they're embracing me, telling me it's the right thing to do.


Brent: (to himself) Sometimes even voices in the head can be liars.

Chad: Do you feel it, too? Finally I found the perfect place, and the right people to help me get a life, an actual life. Me. That this will ever happen. It#s a miracle. When I first saw you, I just felt home.

Brent: (astonished)  You, what?

Chad: My parents died 5 years ago and I lived in their house before I moved here, before I decided it's better to go on and find a new place to live.

Brent: Why haven't you moved before?

Chad: I could still feel them. My parents' souls were there, even though their bodies were gone. I didn't want them to go and living in the house felt somehow like still living with them.

Chad starts crying, sits on the sofa, Brent is struggling what he should do, then decides to sit next to Chad, lying his right arm over his shoulder

Brent: It's hard to lose someone you love. But it maybe was the right decision to come here. Gary and I will take care of you.

Brent looks at Chad, smiling, Chad smiles back and while hugging Brent Chad says

Chad: It's like the souls of my parents live in you two guys now.

Brent looks confused, not sure if he loves what Chad said



Gary looks into a mirror, touches his pilot costume and smiles

Haley stands behind him

HaleyLooks great on you, sweetie. You should buy it. You look more like a pilot than Leonardo DiCaprio on Catch me if you can.

Gary: But I'd prefer having the Chippendales as my flight attendants.

Haley: Uu let me know when you take off, I have to be on that plane.

Marc comes along with a box.

Marc: I have something you might like. It can create a rainbow in your room. And as you know rainbow are smybols of luck. At the end you'll find your pot of gold, and the seven colors will guide you.

Gary: Oh my God. This is wonderful.

Gary smiles all over his face and gives Marc a hug.

Gary looks at the box and opens it, he puts the plug into the socket, the seven light bulbs shine, the light gets reflected by the mirror and a little rainbow appears in the costume shop.

Haley: Wow, that's really magical and so beautiful.

Gary: I'm over the moon. This light will help me how to fly, to take the right direction in my life. I am the pilot of my life and I will make this.

Haley: That's my man. Show them who you are. You can do it.

Gary: I will. Thanks guys. If you don't mind I have to follow the rainbow.

Gary runs out of the costume shop, totally excited.

Haley: That was very nice of you. This place is really magical. From now on I will call you magic Marc. I knew it was the best thing to take Gary shopping. He so reminds me of me.

Haley smiles at Marc

Marc: I'm always glad when I can help. But till Gary's back with his pot of gold, I like that you are willing to pay the costume and the rainbow.

Now it's Marc who smiles

Haley: (to herself) Damn it, Gary's even better than me.


Int.Chad's Apartment.Evening

Brent and Chad finished decorating Chad's apartment.

Chad: I can't believe we did this in one day. It took me a whole week to put everything from my parents' house into boxes and now it's all in here.

Brent: Everything from the house is in here? Haven't you bought new stuff?

Chad: No, they loved their furniture. How am I supposed to give them away? My family is still here with me, and all these memories are too.

Brent: But you have to let go. When you really love someone, you have to do what's best for him. You can't spend the most of your time living in memories. Or one day when you're grey and old, you think back at the time you thought back.

Chad: You're right, but it's not that easy. I loved my parents and I loved Milly. She was the only one except my parents who ever saw me, who I felt safe with. I'm not gonna find someone like her again.

Chad looks very upset and before he starts crying again, Brent had an idea.

Brent: You won't find someone when you cry all the time and think this negative. You have to go forward. What about we do some sort of casting to find you a new love?

Chad: I don't want a new love, I want Milly. She's the perfect one, the one and only.

Brent: What did I tell you about living in your memories most of the time? I write you an interesting story and make you a Facebook account. Everyone will love to get in touch with you.

Brent runs out of the apartment into his and Gary's, Chad follows him.

Brent sits in the kitchen, typing something on his laptop.



Haley comes home and sees Brent and Chad in the kitchen, still sitting in front of the laptop

Chad: Are you sure this will work?

Brent: The girls will love you. I am a writer, it's my job to create stories. And on the internet you can be whoever you want.

Haley: Hey guys, what are you doing? And who are you?

Chad looks at Brent who nods

Brent: (to Chad) You can do it, trust me.

Chad looks at Haley and goes to her

Chad: I'm Chad, a private detective from Ohio. I have a case I am working on, so I moved next door. Brent is a old school friend and helps me doing my job. He knows some people here, you know. But you can't tell anyone what I am doing.

Haley looks impressed

Haley: A private detective? Wow. Are you some kinda Sherlock Holmes, or what?

Chad: Maybe not that popular yet, but yeah, pretty much like him.

Haley: And what's this case about?

Haley seems very interested and excited

Chad: Oh I can't tell, it's top secret. If you don't mind I gotta go. So much work to do, but don't follow me. I wanna solve this mystery till the sun will wake up.

Chad leaves the apartment like a Sheriff leaves a town, with a clear vision of what he's doing next

Haley: Where do you find these men? I only know these lame and boring kind of dudes who think they can rule the girls and do whatever they want whenever they want. And you and Gary and Chad, you are so different.

Brent: Well, I made that story up for him that he's more self-confident. Normally he cries all the time, I can't stand that. I had to do something so I did what I can do best.

Haley: He's not a private detective?

Brent: Only on the internet. His mission is to find his future and to learn to believe in himself.

Haley: But girls are smart, sooner or later they will figure out that he's not like that. And why do you think girls like a private detective?

Brent: Because they do. The less girls know about someone the more he's attracted to them. You only have to make them curious, but don't tell too much, and they will beg for more.

Haley: That's ridiculous. Girls aren't that easy.

Brent: Oh come one, you liked knowing a private detective or living next door to one. Being a Watson.

Haley: But we're not that easy to understand. We do our best that no man will ever figure out our mystery because that is what men love about us.



Gary comes home and sees Chad leaving his apartment

Chad: Hey Gary. Glad to see you again. Brent was wonderful today, we had a great time. I am so happy to live next door to you now. So we can see each other every day. Isn't this wonderful?

Gary looks confused, even more when Chad hugs him

Gary: You are?

Chad: I'm Chad, who auditioned for being your new roommate. I am not mad at you that you didn't choose me. That girl is sweet, and she was so impressed when I told her that I am a private detective and on a secret mission.

Gary: You are?

Chad: But we can't tell anyone. Shhhh. It's top secret like I said. No one can know about it.

Gary: No one.

Chad: Excatly. It's better if people don't even know that I am a detective. You know some guys will be suspicious and it would only make things more complicated. But hey I have a date tonight. Oh I love Brent, he's the best.

Gary: You love?

Chad: As much as I like talking to you, but I'm already late. I gotta go. I will come over tomorrow and tell you bout my night. Give Brent a kiss and say thanks, he changed my life. See you.

Chad hugs Gary again and goes down the stairs, Gary looks at him confused, then goes into his and Brent's apartment.



Gary: Brent? Where are you? Who's this new guy? And what happened here today?

The light went off and the rainbow appeared in the middle of the room. At its end Brent is sitting on the sofa.

Brent: I waited for you. The plane is ready for take off, and I see the pilot finally arrived.

Gary smiles and sits next to Brent

Gary: The pilot lost his license and he's not allowed to fly.

Brent: Oh honey, I'm sorry. What happened?

Gary: I guess I was not perfect for the role. Someone else got it. But he was worse, he did not even look like a pilot. Why can I not get a job? I love acting. Am I that bad?

Brent: You're the best actor I know. No one has such a passion about it like you do. One day you'll get a job, even better than this one.

Gary: I only hope you're right. I wanna live my dream, I wanna do this.

Brent: And that are the first two steps. Not everyone dares to have a dream anymore these days. But we do. And we have faith in our dreams and we do the best we can. One day our time will come.

Gary: Just hope this time will come soon. I don't wanna wait any longer. But hey, who was this guy out there? He was talking about you spent the day together?

Brent: He's our new neighbor, cry-baby. I wrote him a new life, and now he thinks he's a private detective.

Gary: Uuu sexy. So he will investigate?

Brent: His mission is finding true love.

Gary: So I have to hide you, my pot of gold. Pilot is ready for takeoff now.

Gary and Brent kiss each other.



The apartment is dark, everyone is sleeping, Haley walks into the kitchen, opens the fridge, takes out the milk, fills a glass and drinks it

Then she looks at Brent's laptop on the kitchen table

Haley: Just a short look. Can't be bad.

Haley starts smiling, looking very interested and fascinated

Haley: And Brent told me Chad's not a real detective. He's probably just jealous that he's only a writer. But Facebook never lies.


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