Louie and becky +15

this is a fan fiction about Louie and Becky meeting and this is how there life goes since they meet each other


2. What happened in the shower

First thing i was in the shower i was in love i looked at his naked body and he was amazing i wanted him first thing and i wanted him to have a little fun so i look at him and he said if you want to can... so i just wanted to think about what he was saying and he started pointing down to his privates and than i new what he wanted so i put my hand on his pinus and decided to start to jerk him off and to have a little fun and he was enjoying it he was like more harder babe come on so i went harder and decided that it was time to get my mouth involved so i started to suck him off and i was in heaven he was hard and i was so horny he made my life complete and i wanted to do this every second of every day.

Louie POV 

first thing she got in the shower she was looking all over me so i said if you want you can .... and froze at the end of the question she froze for a bit and i new she was trying to think about what i meant when i said that so gave her some help and started jerking but she didnt see that because she was looking in to my eyes but then i started pointing than she new what i meant and started to jerk me off it was amazing i could have her do it forever i was having the time of my life and than she she starts sucking and this goes on for about 15 minutes and were having so much fun and than i decide that we should get out of the shower and have a bit of fun with her pussy and my pinus so i lie down 4 towels on the floor and lie down on them and she starts to crawl to me and starts sucking again this happend for 10 minutes then i decide to put her on me and enter her it was amazing i could of gone forever and she enjoyed it but we had to be quite because of the h=guys but it was a whole load of fun

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