Louie and becky +15

this is a fan fiction about Louie and Becky meeting and this is how there life goes since they meet each other


1. Meeting Up

Becky's POV 

here i am and im listening to my favorite band and there name is One Direction there music is so addictive and there kind of hot as well especially one of them his name is Louie he is gorgeous he looks amazing his soft brown hair and his amazing blue eyes it makes me want to just do him forever if you know what i mean. Well today is going to be amazing me and Daisy have got tickets to go see them and my dad gave me and extra two hundred dollars and me a daisy have spent that on getting back stage passes and we get to meet the gorgeous boys after the concert its going to be amazing and if i look good enough then i might just get one of them because i have heard Louie is looking for a girl and is hopping to find one tonight so its going to be AMAZING!!!. 

Louie's POV

I have butterflies kicking in my tummy about tonight and im hopping to find that one amazing funny beautiful girl who is not to obsessed but still loves me and the band but of course me more and if i do find that one girl im taking them to a hotel for the night and we can have some fun. But the girl im looking for is amazing blue eyes and is blonde good figure and a great personality that is my main things in a girl but i love personalities so hopefully that girl has what i need if there is one there tonight.

Becky's POV

Its 7:30 now and im so excited about this its going to be so amazing i have just had a shower and now im going to pick out what to wear for what louie would like so im going to wear my little, tight blue dress my hair is already blonde and i need my high heels because i know that his favorite colour is blue since i stalk him on every socal networking site i have even seen some picks of him naked and there amazing i wouldn't mind having him for myself he is so sexy but yeah and now im going to                                                   "BEEP BEEP"                                                                                                                          that's my taxi well i guess its time to go to daisys so we can go to one direction because its her mum who is giving us a lift cant wait i already have goose bumps from just thinking about it . 

10 MINUTES LATER                                                                                                           "Mum turn here there's the place there performing" shouts daisy with excitement               her mum stops the car and me and daisy get out the car and because were early we can go back stage aswell so we can give them good look before they go on stage and if were lucky they might ask us to come on with them and be on stage while they perform it will be amazing i cant wait.                                                                                                                -Opens the doors-There they are there right there going behind the curtain at the side thats were the after show for v.i.p's and people with passes go yeah i cant wait so we rush and show the security are passes and he lets us through and i see louie right there looking so wounderful and they all walk into there changing rooms so me and Daisy walk in to the hall way were it is and decide to knock on and see who comes to the door                           "Knock Knock"                                                                                                                   the first person to the door is harry and he ask who we are and we say that we have backstage passes and we wanted to say hello because you guys are so amazing.                   Daisy nearly faints because she has the biggest crush on harry but im just there hopping that louie is there but i cant see him so i ask wheres louie ? harry says he is just in there taking a shower he has the curtain round so you can go in and say hi if you want. Thanks harry.  Hello are you Louie Tomlinson yeah why who are you he still has the curtain round so he cant see me so i say im just a person who decided to spend two hundred dollars just to get back stage passes to see you. He pops his hed round the curtain.

  Louie POV

i just pop my head round the cornor of the shower curtain to see who it was and i didnt know her but i thought i new her she looked like the girl out of my dream that i was fascinating about saying that i will find her and i will have her. I say you look beautiful and she says back aw thanks id love to see all of you than just your head because your absolutely gorgeous but i bet your taken and she puts a sad face on. I start thinking to my self is she the one she is beautiful and she already seems to have the best personality to me so i say no actually but i can if you want me to be and thats to you she say yes please and she say i need a shower am i okay to get in with you. So i go yeah sure go ahead were together now and thats what i want and if you want we can have some fun so she strips her dress of and has undone her hair and is ready to have some fun so she pops in the shower

  Beckys POV

  After he pops his head round the corner i know i wanted to see more and he made me have goosebumps when he said i was gorgeous i felt so happy and than i put on the act of me being sad that i thought he was taken and it worked and than i told him that i needed a shower so if i could pop in with him and he said yeah so i decided to strip of my dress and undo my hair and get in and i did not regret it


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