Boys, Girls & Talent

4 boys, 4 girls & 2 bands. Dexter Johnny, Danny & Fred are going face to face in a competiton with there crushes Becky, Harriet, Geargina & Hannah. Who will go through find out by stopping reading this and stating reading the book!


2. The contest

"Got ya!" screemed Dexter "Wooooo Hooooooo!!!!" shouted Danny. The boys were having a massive pillow fight when their mum came in and said "WHAT ARE YOU BOYS DOING YOU SHOULD BE AT SCHOOL RIGHT NOW!!" Danny, the stupid one, just had to say that they were going to skip school.Then their mum made them walk ll the way to school, thats three miles, and by the time they got toschool they had missed break time. But on the bright side they also missed an R.E. test. On the way out to lunch the boys stopped and stared over to the other side of the cafatiria. There in front of them were 4 beautiful girls. They knew who they were but they all had magor crushes on a particular one. The 4 boys sat down at the cafateria table and gossiped about the girls sat on the other side. When the girls got up they walked passed the boys and looked at a particular person. The boys got up to leave the cafetira when they found a news slip on the floor they picked it up and put it in one of their lockers. When it was time to go the boys didn`t have to walk home this time When they got back to the luxurious hotel they went to their room and look at the news slip.It was a contest slip to enter a competiton. The competition was young musicians. Then Johnny remembed that they were in a band. "Guys were a band arn`t we?" "Well done!" inturupded Dexter "Anyway, we could enter this competition and become famous!" Johnny finished "Whats the prize?" asked Fred. "The prize is a trip to America for a whole year and you stay in a 5 star hotel!" said Danny. Now the boys have benn nagging their mum forever about going to America so this is like a dream come true for them.Then Dexter announced "Boys start packing your bags, we`re going to London to win this contest!"

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