Boys, Girls & Talent

4 boys, 4 girls & 2 bands. Dexter Johnny, Danny & Fred are going face to face in a competiton with there crushes Becky, Harriet, Geargina & Hannah. Who will go through find out by stopping reading this and stating reading the book!


3. Meet the hobo!

"So can we go mum...Pleaseeeeeeee!" pleaded Dexter                                                                  "No you can not it will get in the way of school and its all the way in London!" So the boys went back to their room to discuss. Suddenly danny remembered his hobo friend he met on their school trip. So he told the others about his good friend Bills (That`s his nickname for him!) The boys looked at each other and Fred and Johnny loved it but Dexter hated the idea. So it was three against one. Anyways danny went forward on the plan "Ok tomorow me and Dexter go out to back of school whilst you two find Billy hes the one with the pink fluffy hat on. Then well get him to drive us to London!" You wouldn`t really think that a hobo would even have a car but who cares! By the time Danny had finished Fred and Johnny were beginning to change their minds but once they were in there was no coming out...

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