Boys, Girls & Talent

4 boys, 4 girls & 2 bands. Dexter Johnny, Danny & Fred are going face to face in a competiton with there crushes Becky, Harriet, Geargina & Hannah. Who will go through find out by stopping reading this and stating reading the book!


1. Intro

Meet the 4 energetic, bouncy, rich boys. These crazy kids stay in a 5 star hotel in Bath with their mum who is the manager(well dexters mum the others got addopded!). As much as they love gigging in there band ,Fantasy Rox, they want to be famous and go on tours and stuff like that.

Dexter, the really cool one aspires to Alvin from Alvin and the chipmunks! He has a huge crush on a girl called Becky who is in a band called Secret Sensaition.

Johnny is the geeky one he aspires to be like Einstein when hes older! Now Johnny has a crush on Geargina who is also in Sweet Sensation.

Fred is the rough one and when he is older he aspires to be Jonny Wilkison! And he has a crush Hannah who is another girl from Sweet Sensation

Now Danny is the most crazy, energetic one of them all and he aspires to be the voice of spongebobsquarepants when hes older! He has a huge crush on 2 people No.1 Cheryl Cole and No.2 the last girl from Sweet Sensation, Hariet.

Ok so as you think in storys every thing works out just fine well no not in this one!

Becky loves Johnny but Johnny loves Georgina but Georgina loves Fred but Fred loves Hannah but Hannah loves Danny but Danny loves Hariet but Hariet loves Dexter but Dexter loves Becky! So its all enredibly mixed up. The reason thes girls love these boys are their qualities because Becky loves Johnny for his smartness and Georgina loves Fred becasue hes sporty ans rough and Hariet loves Dexter because hes cool and Hannah loves Danny because hes crazy and funny! anyway now we know all that stuff on with the book!


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