An enemy bomb explodes in America, starting a disease. The soon-to-be pandemic spreads quickly and unstoppably. Although it only affected the few unfortunate people that just happened to be near the explosion, it gets transferred through bites. There's no cure. The effects of the sickness are atrocious. It's deadly, and once you catch it, there's no getting rid of it. Victims of the disease die, resurrect, and feast upon living human flesh. These creatures are otherwise known as... zombies. What happens when 14-year-old Aleena Johnson must go against all that's right to survive and protect all that she cares for?


2. Chapter 2


“I’m home, sweetie!”, my mom’s voice rang out from the foyer.


“Hey mom”, I responded. The tv had been kept on the news in case they give anymore updates on the explosion. 


“Don’t get too comfy, we have a lot to do!”, mom said. I replied, “Like what?!”.

Mom was launched into a frenzy of naming off things we had to do in order to prepare. 


“Mom, this happened in Texas, for one. And two, I doubt the enemies will be dropping bombs in Miami”, I explained. “Oh but the news said to prepare, dear”. “Okay mom whatever...”.


Once again, the breaking news jingle alerted. “Breaking news! Breaking news!”, the tv yelled. 


“Hello again, Miami. A bigger update on the explosion here. It appears that the victims of the explosion died and are coming back to life, and are committing acts of violent murder, eating their victims. Everyone has heard of these creatures, whether you know it or not. Zombies. They are killing and they’re not letting up. Several have been spotted just outside of Miami. Thank you and have a good day.”


The fact that we live on the outskirts of Miami is what alarmed me. I began freaking out, actually scared for my own life. As if on cue, something started scratching at the door. I sprinted upstairs and retrieved my dad. 


“ DAD. Let’s go! There’s something scratching at the door!”, I screamed. 


“Oh God, okay. Come on.” We left my little brother upstairs, and ran back down. Mom was having a breakdown and freaking out in the kitchen. I opened my bedroom door and grabbed my knife that I keep under my pillow. I inched my way back to the front door where dad was preparing himself for opening. 


“Wait, dad! Are you crazy?! Just look through the peep hole thing! Don’t just open it first!”, I yelled. 


“Yeah, good idea.”, mom agreed. I volunteered to do it. Halfway expecting a half rotted face to be growling staring back at me, I slowly began to put my eye up against the peep hole.


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