An enemy bomb explodes in America, starting a disease. The soon-to-be pandemic spreads quickly and unstoppably. Although it only affected the few unfortunate people that just happened to be near the explosion, it gets transferred through bites. There's no cure. The effects of the sickness are atrocious. It's deadly, and once you catch it, there's no getting rid of it. Victims of the disease die, resurrect, and feast upon living human flesh. These creatures are otherwise known as... zombies. What happens when 14-year-old Aleena Johnson must go against all that's right to survive and protect all that she cares for?


1. Chapter 1

The sharp slapping of my feet on the pavement is the only thing that kept me focused at the moment. Thoughts were flying through my mind at unbelievable speed. I momentarily stopped running, and turned slowly, only to be greeted by the hundreds of moans and groans of the zombies. I turned once more, back to my original facing. A new horde of zombies were on their way in my direction in hopes of fresh meat. I almost immediately began turning, round and round, in search of an escape through the giant, surrounding horde. There was no visible way out, or none that I could see.This is it. My final stand. I didn’t want it to end this way. I never really imagined it would end up like this. But i’m not going down without a fight. My fingers played on the handle of my cleanly polished, smooth, wooden Louisville Slugger baseball bat, the one that I found in a sports store a while back. Suddenly, memories of the past few weeks and all that’s happened began to flood into mind.




It was around 8:00. I was resting in the recliner watching tv. Mom abruptly appears in the living room, sits on the couch, and takes the remote. She changes the channel to the news. 


“Mom! I was watching that!”, I informed her, slightly overreacting.


“Don’t worry. Goodness. You’ll get your show back. I just want to see the evening news for a minute.”, she replies in defense.


“And now, your evening news with Jim Johnson. To you, Jim.”, a disembodied voice announces out. 


“Thank you, Wallace”, I began to tune out as the news reporter began to babble on about local things happening. Something then happened to capture my attention. The breaking news jingle sounded from the tv, showing a drifting logo that read Breaking News. 


“We have breaking news. A foreign enemy bomb has exploded in Austin, Texas.”, Jim announced. The tv flashed to a map of the United States showing exactly where the bomb that they’re speaking about exploded. “Every city in America is currently being alerted. Austin seems dangerously close to us here in Miami. The emergency safety team suggests to be ready to evacuate at any moment. The surrounding citizens at the site of the explosion sadly died.”, Jim reported. “Thank you and good evening.”


“Wow...”, is all I could get out. Then of course mom, being the gullible, conforming citizen that she is, immediately started panicking. 

“Okay, let’s see. Aleena you go get your brother and your dad! They’re upstairs. We’ll talk this over with them. Okay then I guess I should be getting food and water, and oh yeah, batteries, flashlights. Wait, blankets too... Yeah blankets... Oh heck, I’m going to the store. I’ll be back. Love you sweetie.”


“Love you too mom. Bye.”






So what do you think so far? Too short? Too long? Need more action? This is just my first story. I'm still just kinda figuring everything and whatnot... Leave ideas if you'd like. :) Ideas are appreciated!!! I'll be updating more when I get a chance! :) Hope you enjoyed :)



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