Reality Dreams

This is the pain of being pulled back and forth in the game of love.


1. Try Once More

My sweet dreams become reality,
But only for a lovely second.
Then reality becomes a memory,
One that tugs at me and beckons.

I could just pretend it all away;
Pretend it stayed a distant dream.
It would add to my dismay,
But stop the tears that stream.

Why do memories torture?
Why do they haunt?
At night in the depths do they lure;
When my mind wanders, they taunt.

I see it through mind’s crystal glass;
I sense it fresh and strongly.
It lingers, remains, and passes,
But did I feel it wrongly?

No, no! I know it was true, it was!
I'll hold onto those sweet, lovely times.
Remember! I have to, because...
Oh, not to would be my soul's crime.

"If I caught a glowing star
For every drop of my admiration,
I’d keep them all in a jar
And smile at my constellation.

He's a gorgeous gamble,
A chance I choose to take.
It’s all a puzzle to unscramble
And a code I need to break."

I will try again.

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