This is a romantic thriller of danger, and will have you wanting to read more, Aerie has complicated life with her drunk and abusive dad. She also wanted to leave, to runway, and with the help of her best friend Cam and crush Zayn, she just might be able too.


1. Another day

I was In a red room surrounded by black cloth covered tables with tiny lamps and wine glasses on them. I saw a sign by the front door that said Welcome to Red hall lounge. I could see Men in suits and dresses chatting. I began to look all around I was in the middle of the room beside a grand piano . The Pianoist gave me a confused look & I looked down and noticed a microphone in front of me. The Pianoist urged me to sing, I hesitated but soon belted out , to my own surprise, I started to sing "Cry me a river", I have no idea how and why but it just came out, everyone's attention turned towards me. It felt great to sing it was prefect, I loved the feeling of singing and everyone loving it and listening, it was my time to shine. But that feeling started to fade when I started to here faint voices calling my name. The voices grew louder and louder, then looked at the men and women that were sitting at the black tables, they were now standing. And they were no longer strangers, everyone's face turned into the face of my father. My stomach churned and my face cringed in disgust. My chest felt tight, and my breath became short. The people were like zombies, they came towards me, and started pushing me, urging me towards the front door, calling and calling my name Aerie, Aerie! I tumbled out the door and fell, I woke up. It was a dream, I looked up at the body that was leaned over my bed, It was him, terror can over me, "why in the hell didn't you get up when I called you?!" he screamed in my face, he reached for my hair, but I pulled away, I saw the anger grow on his face and felt the horror creep on mine. I knew what he was going to do next. I closed my eyes and awaited my fate, I felt a sting of pain on my cheek, I kept my eyes closed, urging my self not to cry. I heard him stomp out of the room and slam the door. I looked at my wrist and at the tattoo I got in memory of my mum. It was a infinty sign that turned into the word strength. A tear formed in my eye, but I wiped it away before it could roll down my cheek. I threw my legs over the side of the bed and and jumped up, I rushed to my closet. I picked a pair of white shorts, with a mint color blouse and white toms, I put my auburn hair to a side braid, and I looked into the mirror and stared into my green eyes wondering to myself, "why am I still here?" I grabbed my back pack and a pop-tart form the stash of food I kept in my closet, for when I dad locked me in my room. I ran down the hall and past my dad who yelled after me, I ignored him and ran out the door, slamming it and made a bee line for my car. I jumped in my car and turned the air on high, it was a hot summer day. I started my car and drove to school once I parked, I collected myself, grabbed my backpack and went inside.

Once I got into the building, I went straight to my locker. As I was pulling out books form my backpack, I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around and was greeted by the grin form my best friend Cameron. "Hey Cam!" I said punching him lightly in the arm. He chuckled "hello sunshine how was your morning?" I giggled "we'll someone's in a good mood this morning!, and it wasn't a good as i hoped." "... Why not?" He questioned. "Dad...." I said feeling tears again but stopped myself I was not going to cry. Cam reached over and grabbed my shirt, pulling me into a tight hug. His hugs made me feel so much better. "Thanks Cam" I pulled away form the hug and walked to Acting.

I got to Acting and sat down. I started reviewing my lines for the play Romeo and Juliet. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around and was greeted by the face of my other best friend Katie. "Hey did you forget?" "Forget what?" "It was movie Monday yesterday!" She said sounding upset. "Oh shit Katie Im sorry I was busy, I had a lot of chores and I just fell asleep after!" "It's ok, do you want to hang out tomorrow, Since we have dance today?" "Sure" I said and turned to face forward again. Once I did I was met by another face, it was Zayn. "Hey" he said, I was memorized by his ocean blue eyes. And electric feeling tingled through out my body. "Uhm hey" I said feeling my self blush. "Want to hang out today after school?" "Oh I'd love to but I can't I have dance practice." "Oh" he said sounded disappointed I felt so bad for having to turn him down. "Hey, " Katie whispered in my ear, "I can just tell Mrs. Groom your sick." I turned to face her "really you'd do that?" "Of course have fun with lover boy" she said and winked, I rolled my eyes and smiled "thanks girl." I turned back to Zayn "so what do you want to do!" "Oh really? You can go?" He said smiling "yup ill just skip dance today I won't miss anything." "Look out Ms. Aerie here is a real rebel. I giggled. "Ms. Jones and Mr. Baker it's time for your Romeo skit, come up and present please." said our teacher Mrs. Wright. Doing the skit was awkard in front of people but at least it was with someone and I knew and liked. The kissing part was the most nerve wrecking part. I checked my breath about million times. I when it finally came to the part, the bell rang, I was disappointed but tired to hide it, and I swear I could see Zayn's disappointment too. "Well see ya after school" he said, and winked grabbing his backpack and walking off to his next class.

It was lunch time, finally half way through the day. I grabbed a Sandwhich and some milk and looked around the room for my friends. I found Cam, Katie, Michelle, Marie, Abby and Rachel all sitting at our table. I sat down next to Katie and Cam "Hey yall!" "Hey" everyone said in a chorus. "So heard you and Zayn are gonna hang our after school" Marie said and winked. "Haha ya 'hang out' more like 'make out'!!" Rachel said a bit to loud. Cam had heard and gave me a 'what the hell' look. I looked at him confused. "What?" I said "oh you know what, Air he's a jerk!" "How?! what makes him a jerk Cam?!" "He just is Air!" "Whatever" I said and rolled my eyes. I ate my sandwhich in silence. I was beginning to drink my milk when Katie leaned over, "ignore Cam he's being a grumpy bump today" she said laughing, I giggled a bit too. Then bell then rang and grabbed my backpack and walked to Spanish.
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