This is a romantic thriller of danger, and will have you wanting to read more, Aerie has complicated life with her drunk and abusive dad. She also wanted to leave, to runway, and with the help of her best friend Cam and crush Zayn, she just might be able too.


2. Alone time with Zayn

The day went by really fast. Thank god it was Friday, made today a whole lot better. It was already the end of the day, and I was excited and nervous to hang out with Zayn. Once I got out the building I saw Zayn sitting on a bench, I walked over to him "hey ready to go?" I asked. "Ya" we walked to my car and got it, So where are we even going?" I asked "Is the mall ok?" He questioned "uhm ya sure." I turned the radio on and to 98.9 because we both loved rock music. The song that blasted out the speakers was AC/DC back in black. We both started to jam out as we left the parking lot and headed to the mall.

Once we got to the mall we went inside. "So" Zayn began, "want to eat something first, I'm hungry." "Ya sure, what about Panda Express?" "Sounds great" he agreed. We got our food and sat down. "So there's this party Saturday at Maddie Moore's house..." (Maddie Moore was one of the preppy popular girls.) "Do you want to go?... With me?.." I was a bit shocked but was very excited. "Ya I would love to!" I said a bit overly excited. We finished our food and headed out of the food court. "Do you to go shopping for an outfit for the the party?" He asked. "Ya sounds great!" I thought of where to buy my outfit from, as we were walking I saw TopShop, prefect. I grabbed Zayn's and led him into TopShop. I began to look around, I soon found the prefect outfit, and went to go try it on. I walked out the dressing room and to the 360 mirror. I love this outfit. It was short black pencil skirt, and tucked into it was royal blue skirt with a black and silver zipper running down the middle. I walked out the dressing room, Zayn was right out side. "You look... Stunning!!" He exclaimed, I blushed "aw thank you I do like it?" "It's prefect, and hey it's on me" he said and winked. "That's great for you to offer but I can get it." "No really I want to." He said smiling. I grinned at him "thank you" I walked back into the dressing room to change back into my normal clothes. I went the check out with zayn and he paid for it. Them we went to other stores rest and we did movie montages. I even got him in a dress for like 20 seconds. It was amazing and the best time I've had in a long time. Once we had our fun we headed home. "Thanks for a great time Air." he said. "Your welcome it was really fun!" "Bye see ya at school." Zayn grabbed his back pack and walked to his door, and waved a finally good bye.

I pulled into the drive away thinking about my day. It turned out better than I thought. But once I parked my car in the driveway, I thought, about my dad I had forgotten to tell him I was going to the mall, would he care? I slowly got out of my car and turned the door knob slowly maybe he wouldn't hear me. I opened the door it squeaked like crazy. "Damn door." I whispered. I peeked inside all the lights were off expect the tv in the living room. I walked softly as possible, tiptoeing up the stairs, I glanced in the living room and saw my father passed out on the couch. 10 beer cans clearing proving why he was passed out. I slowly climbed the stairs, I didn't know how long he was passed out and I wanted him to stay that way. Once I got upstairs I washed my face, put my hair in a bun and pulled on some sweats and a old t shirt and slipped into bed.

I woke up and went downstairs to start on chores. After I was done cleaning I made some cereal and was eating and watching tv when my phone beeped. It was a text from Katie, "hey want to come over?" "Sure ill be there in 15" I texted her back. I ran upstairs pulled on a tank top and shorts, I grabbed my keys and yelled to my dad "I'm going to Katie's!" "Just shut up and get the hell out" he shouted back. "Asshole" I whispered. I walked out the door and jumped into my car and drove to Katie's. When I there, i just walked in the front door and down the hall to her room and opened her door. "Hey bitch." She said smiling with popcorn in her mouth. "Hey hoe, what are you doing?" "Watching mean girls!" She said grinning. "Omg Karen you can't just ask people why their white." I said quoting the movie. Katie let out and laugh and pat the spot beside her. I sat down and started to munch on the pop corn. Then Katie turned to me, "So, how was your date with Zayn?" "It wasn't a date, Kate!" I said punching her lightly. "Well he asked me to go to this party with him.." "Oh Maddie Moore's party?" "Ya and he bought me an outfit for it" I said slightly blushing. "OMG! That's so cute!" She said grinning. "What if is asks you out?, or kisses you, or tries to do-" I cut her off "Katie shut up I'm already nervous enough and ur 'what if's' aren't helping!" "Oh I'm l ceefeefjust trying to help in case something happens." "It's fine now let's just watch the movie I like this part." We sat in silence, eating popcorn.
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