Adoration is a Crime

This is about my heart being broken. Need I elaborate?


1. Abused Love

Oh cry! My heart, my heart!
It twists and tears and breaks in two.
It knows from warmth it must depart
And the only one that cares is you.

But I care not for your care, my dear.
I care only for the love that hate steals.
I want not to shed another tear,
I want merely peace and time that heals.

Everyone feels it, feels it sometime.
I feel it now so truly.
You say adoration is a crime,
It is not above your cruelty.

Live, Live, Live!
In this changing, monotonous world.
Your ignorance I can forgive,
But your disguise has been unfurled.

Hide, quickly, run for cover!
Pretend you can escape the truth.
You take a breath and try to recover,
Then move on in your fun and youth.

I wasted not thought nor time nor love.
I was an eagle soaring on perfumed airs.
But now I am a flightless, mourning dove,
Melancholy in all her songs and cares.

For my heart, there is a den.
My hollow chest; its old dwelling place.
I cannot welcome it again,
But I need to fill its cobwebbed space.

Give it back to me, my sweet.
It is mine to take back from you.
I merely want for it again to beat.
And so, my dear darling, adieu!

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