When Corey's sister commits suicide, his family is distraught. Ten years on, and the hole she left still hasn't healed over. The unanswered question remains: why did she decide to die? Soon her secret is revealed to Corey, and he is left to fight for survival, his dead sister haunting his dreams. But she is only a memory. After all ghosts and daemons are just make-believe...... Right? WARNING: There are scenes of violence and strong language some readers may find offensive... Hence the yellow rating.


1. Prologue

She walked through the field, long blades of grass folding under her footsteps, fingertips brushing through the flowers that dared to climb higher than the rest.

Her face was a mask, totally void of any emotion, and her movements were almost robotic. One step, then another, then another, the toes of her shoes dragging on the ground. Every few seconds, she would lift up her arm to check the time, before letting it trail behind her once more.

She stared unblinkingly ahead of her at her unknown destination, her lips forming the words ‘can’t be late’ over and over again

A shrill ringing noise cut through the silence.

She stopped.

Her eyes stayed focused on the spot ahead of her as she reached into her pocket, pulled out her phone and dropped in on the ground.

She resumed walking, stepping on the phone as she went. The screen cracked but the ringing continued. If the girl noticed, she hid it well.

The terrain changed. Grass became pebbles, flowers became railways. As she stepped out onto the track, an old man emerged from a small shed a short distance away.

‘Hey! Girl! You can’t be on the tracks!’

He was hobbling towards her now, walking stick in hand. She didn’t even glance his way, eyes focused ahead of her as the train rounded the corner.

‘Get off the tracks!’

His yelling was more urgent now and the train whistled at her in warning.

She fumbled at her pocket and pulled out a crumpled picture.


It was of a small boy.

‘GET. OFF. THE. TRACKS!’ The train whistled again.

‘I’m sorry Corey,’ she whispered.

She looked up again at the advancing train, dropped the picture and closed her eyes.

Just before the train hit, she smiled.

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