Be Alright

Cassandra is a 13 year old girl who has always thought of herself as a female version of Justin Bieber , she can sing, she has the same eyes and the same hair colour , when she finds out Cass finds out her "quarter brother" is Justin Bieber and that its legal to date him ;) she jumps at the chance


1. Wait, What?

Main Characters:

Andrew: Cassandra's Dad, Dyana: Cassandra's 11yr Sister, Mike: Cassandra's 14yr Brother, Kari: Cassandra's Mom, Justin: JB , Pattie: Justin's Mom. 

Mike's POV: *text from Pattie M: long time no see Michael, I'm in town this week, Justin still doesn't know, I think its time he found out.* I'm glad my wife, Kari [Car-ee] was understanding about it. Let me fill you in.. so 18 years ago I was just taking a little road trip from Toronto to Stratford with my friends and I was about 16 when we went to a diner and I met this 15 year old, her name was Pattie.. long story short , we had unprotected sex, a year later she called me and told me she gave birth to a baby boy and her and her boyfriend Jeremy who thinks the kid is his named him Justin Drew Bieber [woah I didn't even mean to like name the dad An(Drew) it just happened :P ]  then I met Kari and when we were twenty we had Mike. My daughter Cassandra is obsessed with Justin, just wait until she finds out thats her half-brother. We got married a year after we had Cassandra, we were only dating when we had her and Mike. 

Kari's POV: "Andrew honey, I need to tell you something, remember the month before I got pregnant with Cass?" I started "Yes, it was when we were broken up" he recalled "yes dear, well I didn't think we were getting back together and.. well .. Cassandra isn't fully your daughter. Yes she has your DNA but the sperms got mixed up and shes Samuel's too.." I choked. "Sam Thompson? , wow. Thats why she has big lips." he laughed "you're not mad??" I said releaved "no honey, we all make mistakes. Pattie is coming over today with Justin though, todays the big day" he said stressed "okay, I'll tell the kids to go freshen up and clean" 

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