Be Alright

Cassandra is a 13 year old girl who has always thought of herself as a female version of Justin Bieber , she can sing, she has the same eyes and the same hair colour , when she finds out Cass finds out her "quarter brother" is Justin Bieber and that its legal to date him ;) she jumps at the chance


2. Justin

Cassandra's POV:

"Cass! Take a shower, wear really nice clothes. Its worth it." my mom, Kari said "Kaaaayyy..." *showers* "Dyana, why are you in my room?" I said tapping my foot while holding my towel. "I want you to do my makeup, Mommy said your boyfriend is coming over." she said, "I don't have a boyfriend" "Because you can't get one" Mike said passing by my room "ugh, shut up your girlfriend looks like a horse" I snapped back #text from Leah; JB IS IN TOWN!!# #Ohhhh Em Geeeee! I knoooow!!# After I had pushed Dyana out of my room I kept wondering what she had meant by 'your boyfriend is coming over' Regardless, I put on black and white striped jeans, a red Diamond supply co sweater. My hair was still wet so I threw on a little black beanie. I went to Dyana's room and made sure she looked cute. I did her hair & let her wear my maroon shirt and some black jeans. 

Mike, Dyana and I went downstairs to the living room and just sat on the couch watching tv.. waiting, eagerly. 

About an hour later after dinner was ready the doorbell rang. "Cassandra, would you mind answering the door?" mom shouted from the kitchen, as I walked to the door still wondering who it was, my answer was standing right in front of me when I opened the door. I just opened the door and stunned said "holy shit." "Hello to you too" Justin said to me "I'm .. Uh .. I'm sorry, its just surreal. Welcome Justin and Pattie, nice to meet you both"

Holy fuck, Justin Bieber is in my house. For Christ's sake ! They should've told me JUSTIN BIEBER was coming, I would've put some makeup on.. 





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