Be Alright

Cassandra is a 13 year old girl who has always thought of herself as a female version of Justin Bieber , she can sing, she has the same eyes and the same hair colour , when she finds out Cass finds out her "quarter brother" is Justin Bieber and that its legal to date him ;) she jumps at the chance


3. Dinner

Cassandra's POV:

wow. I think 'wow' is all Justin and I could manage to say or think. I am Justin's half-sister. What the fuck, that fucks up my chances of marrying him... 

Anyways, after dinner and the talk that Dyana had to be left out of because she would not stop asking people questions, Justin, Mike, Dyana and I watched TV. I couldn't deal with how uncomfortable I was in these clothes so I ran into my room and changed into sweat pants and a navy blue v-neck, when I came back downstairs I couldn't help but notice Justin was staring at me..

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