Avengers: The Iron Maiden

oneshot story entered in a Halloween-themed contest in dA. i rushed this and wrote it in like 10 minutes, and i didn't make it long because the deadline was approaching, so the "love" feeling here isn't too realistic unfortunately. definition of the Iron Maiden: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_maiden_(torture_device) you'll get what it is if you read that just a little bit. this IS a Steve/Tony/Stony/Superfamily pairing.
the girlfriend thing: well, i guess you can say that Tony was being sarcastic or something. like maybe at the time of this Steve was getting close with this girl and it didn't sit well with him.
the "My Pepper" part is like, because even after they broke up it's still like she's his. they're still really good friends, Tony's best even.


1. The Iron Maiden

Steve turned away from the blurry window he had been staring at for the past half hour. If he waited a moment longer, one of them was going to explode, and neither of them blowing was ever a good thing.  

"Mr. Stark," Steve finally said as he glanced across the room to where Tony had been sitting impatiently.  

"Rogers," Tony replied in almost a monotone. "Are you finally aware of how much time we've wasted? Oh, I'm sure you can wait even longer—you did for more than 70 years. I can't. I'm a busy man."  

"Tony, I—"

"Oh, it's Tony again now, is it?" he interrupted as his hand lashed out through the air angrily. "Well, cap, I'm never going to refer to you by your given name. I'm warning you."

Steve shut his eyes and sighed. "Yes, we all know how much you love the word 'captain'. I understand."

"Enough time has wasted! Will you just do it already, dammit!" Tony jumped from the leather couch up to his feet and shut his eyes, waiting for the prickle that was sure to come.

Quit being such a weenie, Tony. I'll catch you when you fall, Steve thought in exasperation, though he couldn't help grinning a little at the use of the same exact words Tony had once told him.

Yawning, Steve ignored Tony and turned back toward the window. He stared at his hazy reflection through the rainwater outside—or rather, the object that he was holding in his left hand. The needle was something he had long since gotten used to. Tony was comfortable with it too...until they both found out what Steve had to do with it.

"Are you ignoring me? Me?" Steve heard Tony's voice approaching from behind, and when he turned around, they came face-to-face and stared at each other in alarm.

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, Steve brought his hand up in one flashing motion and injected Tony on the neck with the anesthetic. Tony widened his eyes a little in surprise, and Steve watched as they dulled and slowly shut. He took calming breaths and waited for the next injection, which Steve did with a second needle a moment later.

"Remember that I love you, Tony. I'll  always love you..."

When he started to fall backwards, Steve caught him, then lifted him up into his arms and headed with heavy footsteps for the tank standing at the end of Tony's lounge. They were both resigned to the experiment. It had to happen. That didn't mean they were prepared for it.

Steve struggled for a bit while he tried to keep a hold of Tony's limp body and open the metallic door of the Iron Maiden at the same time. Sighing at the failed attempt, he slowly lowered Tony to the floor off to the side and then hurried to get the device open. Once it was, he reached for Tony again and then was finally able to place him inside.

"I don't want to do it, Tony. I can't. And I can't believe you'd really ask this of me!"

"Well, believe it, captain. You're the first hero who got your powers through experiments. You'll be my scientist."

"Oh, that again? So what if I was some kind of 'lab"

"Ah, ah...You're still hurtin' over what I said back then? Awww, poor soldier"

"Acting like that isn't going to convince me to do it! Try something else!"

"Captain...Please? It's Peter  we're talking about. Peter! And your girlfriend, and-and Pepper! My Pepper!  What are we going to do? Just sit around while they're off being...being tortured ?! They're probably already dead !"

"I-I'm sorry, Tony," Steve choked out as he stroked Tony's forehead, and then with a parting brush of his hair, he turned his back on the machine. Slowly, reluctantly, he shut the door, feeling the hot tears rolling off his cheeks as he did so. "I'm sorry...Iron Man."

The Iron Maiden immediately sealed and whirred, clicking shut permanently, the sound of it causing Steve's heart to break.

Whoever the hell that invented the Iron Maiden...Whoever it is, I'll kill him! Steve thought in agony, not even feeling himself sink down to his knees as if his body was made of lead. Trapped in that-that iron  for eternity? Forever in that machine which isn't Tony's renowned Iron Man suit?!

The idea of it brought fresh body-wracking sobs from the fallen soldier.

"It's for our family. Remember that, Steve. For our family!"


We'll never celebrate it again. Peter's never going trick-or-treating again. The house owners who offer children free candythe strangers, they're dangerous people. My last time as Captain America, I'll make sure I get them back for you, Tony.

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