A Million Tiny Pieces

Heidi Love is 16 and lives with her parents who ignore her all the time and because she doesn't talk about her problems everyone thinks that she is very happy so they cause her more and more problems but she is a dreamer and her journey to her dreams and her desire get her to a point where she finds her self and lives a happy life..


1. The Approval Of Heidi's Dreams

- i'm so sorry heidi , i just can't.. i can't talk to you i'm sorry i really love you but... said Cathy

- so you won't talk to me because of what she wants? but.. how about our friendship? i thought you were my friend? what bad thing have i done? where have i gone wrong?... asked Heidi

- i'm sorry heidi you have been a great but amazing friend , but she is my best friend i can't lose her..

- what kind of best friend is that to tell her friend not to talk to another person ?! i have nothing against Bianca and she has nothing against me cos i haven't done anything to her..

- i know heidi she is just jealous but i love her so much to lose her i know she is wrong but i have been with her all my life..

- ok cathy i get it , i wish that didn't happen but if you prefer to talk to her n not talk to me all i will do is accept the fact so i hope i will see you again one day..

- i hope so too love you.... cathy mumbled and watched heidi walk away slowly till she disappeared completely then went to the car where her mother was waiting on her..

Heidi wiped away a tear from her eye n started mumbling : who needs someone who doesn't need her ugh why should life be so ?! who cares there are 1 million other people who want to be my friend.. she kicked the rock in front of her then picked a flower on the side of the road n smelled it all the way home ..

- heidi , dinner is ready.... shouted Mrs.Lott 

- i'm not hungry mom..

- what happened this time heidi? you don't eat only when you have a problem.. said Mrs.Lott as she walked into heidi's room a few minutes later

- mom what do you do when your friend leaves you because another friend wouldn't talk to her?

- honey those kinds of friends aren't worth it don't bother thinking about them if they were worth it then they wouldn't lose you over someone else

- i know but..

- listen honey i was talking to your father about ....

- what?

- i'll tell you only if you come to dinner

- fine mom i'll be down in a minute

after a few minutes she sat on the table and looked at her mom's face who was smiling and her eyes were shining 

- mom , dad , please tell me what happened?

- listen dear , we talked to your teachers today and you will be going to study in London from next week on...

- really dad???! are you serious?!?

- yes dear are you happy?

- are you kidding me?! that's a dream come true..

- umm heidi, but you'll have to take care of your self from there cos we can't effort everything we aren't that rich..

- is it okay if i model or act?

- what??

- mom you said i'll have to take it from there n i would take it that way

- no honey that would be too much

- okay mom

after she ate she went to her room jumping around singing she didn't want to ruin the chance of going to london cos where she lived sucked n was far from europe n america it was a place in the middle east where people barely knew its name and she wanted to get away from her parents who barely let her do things and never had time for her n to listen to her besides they said that they would never let her go abroad ever n this was a huge surprise which she didn't want to miss however she started looking outside of the window n imagining her life there.


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