Tell Me You Love Me

Justin never really looked for true love. But he couldn't help stumbling upon it by mistake. Trinity never expected to get in. Her doubt always got in the way. When she auditions as a dancer for Justin Biebers new Believe tour not only does she make it in, but gets even closer to the star than imagined. Realizing that Justin wasn't just some stuck up celebrity, but instead just a lost teen like herself. Justin has his beat, but did he find his beauty?


2. Last One Standing


     Trinity stands to the back of the room as she waits for the next instructions on what she was supposed to do. She found herself looking around for Justin without even meaning to. She shakes her head trying to clear him of her mind. Justin finally walks back in the room with a black muscle shirt on that showed off the biceps. Justin catches Trinity's eyes and throws her a quick smile. Trinity bites her lip and turns away from his piercing hazel eyes. "Okay everyone, congrats on making it this far,. but from here on out, its going to get much harder, for this round were going to see how well you work with partners then single you out from there." Justin explains as he stands at the front of the room. Once again murmurs fill the room and Trinity starts to have a panic attack. She didn't come here with anyone, she didn't have a partner she was all alone. "Be my partner." A soothing voice whispers in her ear. Trinity turns to find Justin's piercing eyes looking directly at her. For a moment she was mesmerized in their caramel color. "Me?" She finally manages to choke out. Justin smiles and takes her hand. "Yes you, your the only one that has caught my eye." He whispers to her as his lips brush her ear. Trinity stands there stunned not being able to say anything. Justin brings her to the front of the room and releases her hand but still standing incredibly close to her to the point where Trinity could smell his cologne. "Does everyone have a partner?" He asks scanning the room for anyone who didn't. The crowd turns back to face the front of the room, and a bunch of eyes land on Trinity. They all looked at her with envy, and even some with hatred. Trinity glanced over at her friends whose thoughts she could only guess. Justin slips an arm around her waist. "You ready?" He whispers. Trinity nods. She couldn't let his good looks and mesmerizing eyes distract her. She gives him a small nod with a determined smile.

                 An hour later Trinity was out of breath and her lungs felt as if they were about to explode. She had danced with plenty of dance partners before but none of them danced like Justin did. The way his body moved to the beat, how each move he made flowed, just made Trinity want to stand there and watch him for hours. Trinity never felt a connection to a partner as much as she did with Justin. When his fingers gently slided over her body he left tingles wherever he touched. Justin felt the same way, this was the dancer he wanted on stage with him, nobody else, he just wanted her. The way she danced just moved something in Justin, and he couldn't help but wonder if he thought of her more than just one of the dancers. Justin chest heaved up and down as he gasped for air with an arm around Trinity's waist. "Wow." Was all he managed to say and Trinity couldn't help but smile. Justin  had completely forgot to evaluate the other dancers, not wanting to give up another opportunity to dance with her. Fortunately his manager Scooter realized this. "You enjoy that?" He says with a smirk as Justin walks over after telling Trinity he'll be right back. "She just so amazing, did you see her dance?" Justin asks in awe. "I think Justin has a little crush." Scooter teases him with a nudge to his side. Justin shrugs playing it off. "Whatever, but shes in okay? Im not discussing it with the others because there is nothing else to discuss." Justin says before walking away. Scooter couldnt help stiffleing a laugh as he walked away over how love struck Justin was.   

            Trinity looks around the room rubbing her wrist, a nervous habit of hers. Justin walks up behind  her and stands beside her. "Come with me." He says with a smile. "Now?" Trinity asks looking around. "Dont you have to stay?" She asks. "Come on we will sneak away." Justin replies takeing her hand and dragging her out into the hallway. "What is it?" Trinity says with a laugh as he stands to face her. "Your in." Justin says with a wide smile spreading across his face. "What??" Trinity asks in totall shock. "You made it, your the first one to make it in, and I want you a main dancer aswel, I want you as my dance partner." Justin says. "Your serious?" Trinity says trying to get it through her head that she was going to be a dancer for Justin Bieber, and go on tour with Justin Bieber, and Justin Bieber himself wanted her to be his partner. "Dead serious." Justin says still smiling his perfect smile. Trinity cant help but through her arms around his neck and pulling him into a hug. Justin lets out a small laugh and wraps his arms around her waist hugging her back. He wished that she was the only dancer he could have on stage. But Justin couldnt deny the feeling inside of him that he liked her a lot more than just another one of his dancers.


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