Tell Me You Love Me

Justin never really looked for true love. But he couldn't help stumbling upon it by mistake. Trinity never expected to get in. Her doubt always got in the way. When she auditions as a dancer for Justin Biebers new Believe tour not only does she make it in, but gets even closer to the star than imagined. Realizing that Justin wasn't just some stuck up celebrity, but instead just a lost teen like herself. Justin has his beat, but did he find his beauty?


3. Closer than Ever (3 months later)

Justin slides over the counter at the small diner where Trinity worked. "Your going to end up getting me fired." Trinity says with a laugh as she gives his shoulder a gentle shove. "Don't worry about it sweet cheeks" Mary the manager says coming out of the back room with a smile. "He's welcome here anytime." She finishes. Trinity laughs. "Don't I see him enough." She says playfully. Trinity and Justin along with the other dancers had been practicing for over three months getting ready for the Believe tour and tomorrow night was the kickoff to the tour in Boston Massachusetts. Trinity had never preformed on stage before, but from what Justin tells her, it is the most exciting thing in the world. Justin laughs. "Come on we have to get going, we have a sound check in 30 minutes." He says looking at his watch. Trinity looks at the time it was 4:30 she still had 15 more minutes of work. "I can't-" She begins but is cut off by Mary. "Go ahead honey, I've got it from here. She says with a smile. Trinity takes off her apron and takes the elastic out of her hair letting her auburn hair fall to her back. "Thank you so much." She says before Justin takes her hand and drags her out of the diner. Trinity looks around at all the light and the huge stage standing before her. She was used to dancing in a studio, not on a stage. But she didn't have stage fright she figured that out when her friends dragged her out to Karaoke one winter night. Justin brings her back stage and to her dressing room. "I thought dancers didn't get there own dressing room." Trinity says looks over at Justin. "They don't the boys and girls are just separate but I was able to snag one for you." He says with a smile pressing a finger to his lips. Trinity laughs. "Thanks I appreciate it, where's yours?" Justin bring her one door down to a door labeled "Justin Bieber." "Ta da. It's right next to yours." He says motioning towards the door. Trinity laughs and reaches for the door handle opening I with a click. "What do you have a chocolate fountain in here?" She says with a playful smile opening the door. "Close." Justin responds with a laugh as the step into the room. Trinity found herself surprised, she expected a lot more than what she saw. It was just a normal room with a mirror, a rack for his outfits and shoes and a bathroom. Of course it was decorated a little bit but she expected huge lights a 60 inch flat screen TV and a lot more. Although there was a small flat screen in the corner of the room, but it was definitely not 60 inches. As much as she knew Justin and knew that he wasn't a stuck up star he was spoiled. But that wasn't his fault and it wasn't that bad, he still managed to be himself and have his own style. Yes he did have a lot of money, and yes he could buy basically anything he wanted but it didn't change who he was. Trinity walks over to his rack of outfits and looks through them. Justin watches her in wonder, how could she not realize she was perfect he thinks to himself. The way her hazel hair flowed down her shoulders in a pile of swirls the way her cheeks turned a rosy red when he complimented her or when she was cold. How he felt a tingling sensation every single time he touched her. Why couldn't she realize she was beautiful? She was to blinded by her doubts and insecurity that's why. "I love this hat."she says picking up his custom made 300 dollar black snap back with Believe spelt out on the front of it in gold letters. It was most defiantly his favorite hat. "You can have it." He says with a smile as she looked at herself in the mirror with the hat propped upon her head. "Really? Oh my God Justin Bieber is going to give me his hat. His hat with his DNA particles on it. Oh me God!" Trinity says pretending to act like a crazy fan girl. "Ha ha very funny." Justin responds taking the hat off her head and placing it upon his.Trinity reaches up trying to get it. "No seriously I really do love that hat." She says with a smile. "Then you can have it." Justin says taking it off his head and placing it upon hers. "It looks better on you anyways."

Three hours later Trinity walks to her dressing room and plops down on the couch sweating and out of breath. Her phone starts to ring and she answers it seeing it was he relater. "Have you gotten your things out of the apartment yet?" Susan says from the other line. "Oh no! Shoot! Ill get it done as soon as I can!" Trinity exclaims sitting up. "Hurry up! You only have two hours." Susan says then hangs up without so much as a goodbye. Trinity runs her fingers through her hair nervously as there is a knock at the door. "Come in." She says after letting out a shaky breath. Justin opens the door and walks in. His face was beaded with sweat and his tank clung to his body showing of his lean muscles. "What's wrong." He asks recognizing the look on Trinity's face as a look of pure stress. "Nothing, they just want me to get my stuff out of the apartment tonight..and I don't have anyone to help..or anywhere to crash.." Trinity explains. "What about your parents..?" Justin asks taking a seat next to her. "My mom is dad left when I was five." Trinity says looking down at her hands. "Oh wow...that must have been hard.." Justin says softly. Trinity nods. "It was.." There is a silence in which neither of them knew what to say. "Well if you need a place to crash you can crash at my hotel for a little bit, and I would be happy to help you out with moving your stuff." Justin says breaking the silence. Trinity smiles. "Great that'd be awesome." She says. "On one condition.." Justin says with a mischievous grin. "And what would that be?" Trinity asks with a laugh. "Go on a date with me." Justin blurts out before being able to think it through. Trinity smiles and nods. " go take a shower you smell like a dirty gym sock." She says giving him a playful nudge. "Embrace it." Justin says pulling her into a tight hug. "Ewwww." Trinity squeals pushing him away. Justin laughs. "I'll see you after." He smiles then walks out of the room with a wink of his eye.


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