Tell Me You Love Me

Justin never really looked for true love. But he couldn't help stumbling upon it by mistake. Trinity never expected to get in. Her doubt always got in the way. When she auditions as a dancer for Justin Biebers new Believe tour not only does she make it in, but gets even closer to the star than imagined. Realizing that Justin wasn't just some stuck up celebrity, but instead just a lost teen like herself. Justin has his beat, but did he find his beauty?


4. Admittance

       After Justin and Trinity had finished moving all of her stuff out of her apartment, they headed back to Justin's hotel. When they rounded the corner to the hotel they could see nothing but flashing lights outside the front door. "Crap! The papz must have figured out I was staying here." Justin says in frustration banging his hands against the steering wheel. "So what do we do now." Trinity asks staring in amazement at how many people were outside the doors of the hotel. Justin scratches behind his head nervously. "Uh, well we can't go through the front doors...I don want people getting the wrong ideas and starting rumors." He paused and pulled out his cell phone. "Hold on a sec, I'll call my manager." He said scrolling through his contacts to bring up Scooters number. While Justin talked to Scooter he pulled down a side street and parked the car. "There's a door in the back of the hotel, we have to go in through there. But we have to leave the car here, that way no one will know we are there." Justin says taking the keys out of the ignition and getting out of the drivers seat. Trinity did the same and got of the car. "Here take this." Justin says taking off his sweatshirt and helping her put it on. "That way no one will know who you are if you do get spotted." He says as he put the hood over her head. "Why? Are you embarrassed to be seen with me or something?" Trinity asks with a playful smile. "Of course not, It's bad enough I have to live like this. I don't want you to have too. And that exactly what will happen if they see you sneaking into a hotel with me." Justin says pulling another sweatshirt out of the backseat of his car and putting it on. He then took her hand and led her down the sidewalk. "Keep your head down." He says as they come closer to the hotel. "It probably looks like we're robbers or some sort of criminals." Justin lets out a small laugh. "Probably." Trinity responds. They get to the back of the hotel and go through the door. "Do you think anyone saw us?" Trinity asks adjusting her duffle bag full of clothes on her shoulder. "No. I think we are good." Justin says taking Trinity's hood off her head and then removing his own. "There's just one more thing." Justin says with a playful smile that could only mean trouble. Trinity rolls her eyes jokingly. "Of course there is. What is it?" She asks. "We have to take the stairs because the elevators are right in front of the doors." Justin says waiting for Trinity's reaction. Trinity's face falls. "And what floor is your room on?" She asks not wanting to know the answer. "I have the master suite so it's on the top floor." Justin says with a chuckle. "That's it That's it I'll just sleep on the fricking staircase." Trinity says in defeat throwing her hands up in the air and plopping herself down on one of the steps. Justin chuckles and pulls her up. "Come on dont be lazy." It's good exercise." Trinity rolls her eyes. "I could think of a million ways of how it's not." Justin chuckles and crouches down. "Fine then. Get on my back lazy." Trinity shakes her head. "There's no way you're going to be able to carry me all the way to the top floor." Justin smiles. "Fine then lets test it out. I bet I can prove you wrong." He says trying to provoke a challenge out of her. Trinity smiles and jumps on his back wrapping arms around his neck.
       Justin starts up the stairs with Trinity on his back with  Her hair falling over his shoulder. He could smell the sweet scent of her shampoo and wanted nothing more to burry his head in curls and lay there for eternity. He made it to the 12th floor before he had collapsed out of breath. Trinity chuckles and sits beside him. "I told you so...but thanks. That saved me a lot of energy." Justin smiles not being able to respond being so out of breath. "I'll meet  you at the top." She says standing up and starting up the stairs quickly. "Hey! Don't leave me! Get back here!" Justin says with short breaths and running up the stairs after her. Trinity giggles and keeps running escaping the clutches of Justin. They finally make it to the 20th floor where Justin's suite was and looks around for another flight of stairs not wanting justin to catch her. But it was too late. He comes up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist and spinning her around. "I caught you!" He says with a chuckle before setting her down in front of him. "Only because I had no where else to go." Trinity responds out of breath.  Justin realizes there faces were inches away from each other and couldn't help but think what it would be like to kiss her raspberry colored lips. Justin smiles and reaches for her hand and to his surprise she doesn't pull away but instead lets him and twines her fingers with his. "Trinity I-" Justin starts only to be interrupted as Scooter comes out of his room. "There you are, I thought you got swallowed by the paparazzi." He says not taking notice to their closeness. "Yea. I'm fine." Justin says not separating the space between them and not taking his eyes away from hers." Scooter exits  seeing their obvious need to be alone. 
Justin clears his throat. "I wanted to..uh tell you that..." He looks down as his face turns red as a tomato. "I really like you..I have for a while now. I havnt met a girl as down to earth as you are.." He finishes not being able to meet her eyes for the fear she won't feel the same way. Trinity reaches her hand up to his cheek and he turns to look at him. "I feel the same way..Iv been afraid to tell you..I knew you were some big star and I didn't think you would like someone like me.." She admits. Justin takes his free hand and takes hers from his cheek and kisses her palm softly. "I don't want to be with anyone else.." He whispers. 

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