Tell Me You Love Me

Justin never really looked for true love. But he couldn't help stumbling upon it by mistake. Trinity never expected to get in. Her doubt always got in the way. When she auditions as a dancer for Justin Biebers new Believe tour not only does she make it in, but gets even closer to the star than imagined. Realizing that Justin wasn't just some stuck up celebrity, but instead just a lost teen like herself. Justin has his beat, but did he find his beauty?


1. More Than A Look

Justin sits it his dressing room taking a break before the next round of people came through. Today was the auditions to be a dancer for his new Believe tour. He was so excited, but now he was just tired, and disappointed. None of the dancers that he had seen today had really stood out to him. There were plenty off good dancers, but not any that caught his eye. He needed to main girl dancers and two main guy dancers, that was what everyone was going for. There were ten dancers that he needed total and over a thousand dancers were here to try out. "Justin your on in five." His manager Scooter says knocking on the door. "Okay coming." He says shrugging off his jacket and walking out of the room.       

   Trinity walks in the room with her bag slung over her shoulders. She couldn't believe she had lost the bet and was here right now. "This is unbelievable." She mumbles to herself as she looks at all the dancers in the room. "There's no way I'm going to make it." She says. "Oh come on lighten up, your an awesome dancer. Stop doubting yourself." Her friend Savannah says as she looks at all the hot guys around the room. "Never Say Never." Trinity mumbles to herself sarcastically. "That's right." A voice says behind her. They turn around to see none other than Justin Bieber standing in front of them. He had a smile on his face, but you could tell he was exhausted. Savannah lets out a small gasp, and Trinity's other friend Elizabeth freezes in place. "Im Justin." Justin says with a smile. "We know." Savannah and Elizabeth respond at the same time. "I'm Trinity." Trinity responds with a smile. "Pretty name." Justin compliments. "Thank you." Trinity responds as her cheeks turn red. Justin's choreographer calls his name and he looks over to him holding up one finger signaling for one more minute then turns back to Trinity. "Hey I have to go, but I look forward to seeing your moves. Good luck." He says with a sparkling smile before running over to his choreographer. "Oh. My. God." Savannah says once Justin is out of ear shoot. "He called your name pretty!" Elizabeth squeals. "So, that doesn't mean anything." Trinity says starting to stretch her arms. "Oh come on your like the prettiest girl in the neighborhood." Savannah says rolling her eyes. It was true Trinity was really beautiful. Her light brown hazel hair brought out her mesmerizing blue

eyes, and to top it all of she had the perfect hourglass figure to go with her tan long legs. Trinity shrugs and continues to stretch out her muscles. The choreographer calls for everyones attention and she turns around a quick good luck hug from her friends.  The choreographer starts to explain what's going to happen and how it is going to work. Justin needed 2 girl main dancers and that is what Trinity was working for. She wanted it more than anything so it would get a start to her dancing career. But she didn't even have the guts to go. She ended up losing a bet with her friends, so they made her come. Justin greets the dancers standing at the from of the room. Trinity could have sworn he threw a quick smile to her, but played it off as a figment of her imagination. Justin starts to go over the dance moves and Trinity watches very carefully mimicking his every move flawlessly. This was easy for her, couldn't they try something more challenging? Trinity stays to the back of the room as the music comes on and they do it to the music it. After about an hour of so of adding on and doing it over and over again with the music they finally come to a stop. Trinity walks back over to her friends at the other side of the room. "You were great." Savannah says handing Trinity her water bottle. "I swear, you didn't make one mistake." Elizabeth adds. "Thanks." Trinity says with a quick smiles before gulping down the water to ease her burning throat. Justin jogs by as he goes her runs over to his manager and stops for a quick moment in front of Trinity. "Good job, I liked how you but your own style on it." He compliments quickly before running off. Trinity didn't have a chance to respond and just turns to her friend and shrugs. "Okay people! Were going to make two groups!" One of the helpers calls trying to get everyones attention. "Group one will go to the right side of the room and group two to the left." He continues. Trinity spots Justin across the room talking to his choreographer. He kept glancing back towards all the dancers then turning back to the choreographer and talking what seemed like very seriously. They must have been discussing who they thought should make it. Justin turns and looks at Trinity. Trinity meets his eyes for a second before turning away. The man up front starts calling names and which group they are in. "Julia Hale, group two." He announces and a small girl with black hair and a pale face steps out and heads towards the left side of the room. The man calls more and more names and both guys and girls go to which ever side of the room they were directed to go to. "Trinity Blaire group one." He announces. Trinity turns towards her friends as the give her an encouraging smile and push her towards the right side of the room.          Justin watches as Trinity makes her way to the right side of the room and couldn't help but smile to himself. She way unbearably beautiful and he couldn't keep his mind off of her. He didn't really get a chance to see her dance that much because he had to evaluate the other dancers as well, but he saw enough of her moves to know that she was good.         Trinity leans against the wall impatiently waiting her results. If she was going to go home she wanted to know now before she got her hopes up. "Group two we are sad to say that you guys did not make it, but it was great having you guys here. You guys are all great dancers and we hate to see you go, but this is a competition and we can't please everyone. I'm sorry but thank you for coming." Justin announces. Mummers start to fill up the room along with some cries of sadness. "Group one I am happy to say that you guys are staying." Justin says with a smile who Trinity could have sworn was directed towards her. "So we will take a quick break then get ready for round two." Justin says before ducking out the door with one last glimpse at Trinity before he goes.


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