It started with a dream

This is the story of a 16 year old girl called India, she lives in Portugal with her mum and her brother Alex, her dad used to be solder but he died in combat.
Her life is quite calm, until the day she received a letter from the olympic comity, and she is invited to participate at the 2012 olympic games.
Hope you like it


3. What's all this for?

i whipped my tears off and grabbed my motorbike wheel, pushing has hard as i could, my whole body hurt has i pushed, the wounds, the blood and the sweat, made me fell bad and at the same time all together made my body hurt. tears kept falling but i kept pushing, i just want to go home!

a few moments later the motorbike was next to me on the road, i tried to take some branches off of it but my hands hurt so i got my helmet on again and drove home. 

i remembered the first time i had asked my dad for a motorbike, he gave me a straight no, not because he didn't trust me but because he didn't want to trust my life in other people hands, he was afraid they would hurt me.... and they did. 

i parked in front of my house, taking everything with me and being careful so that nothing would touch my wounds, i reached the door and has i tried to reach my bag to get the keys, i felt pain coming from the wounds in my arms. i tried another time and gave up has soon has the pain hit me again, so i gave up and rang the bell waiting, that hopefully someone would be home, please be, pretty pretty please!

a few moments latter, i heard someone unlocking the door and then Alex face showed up.

- hey sis, com.... wait, what happened?! - his face changed from his normal smile to a worried one.

- i'm ok, don't worry - i said pushing him to the side and walking in side. 

- SURPRISE!! - i hear multiple voices yelling, making me let go of my bags and helmet and looking surprised/ scared to the living room.

has i looked i saw my mum, Joe, Andy and Jerome in a fully decorated living room, but it wasn't just any kind of decoration... it was...olympic?

- what's all this for? - i asked walking in and ignoring their worried faces and words.

they all kept asking me questions about my injuries and although they hurt like hell, i wanted to know the reason to this decoration, to the "surprise" and everything.... 

- just tell me! - i yelled making them all stop with the questions and stare at each others, still without saying a word.

i was starting to freak out with the silence and the staring between then, till Joe came in the room and handed me a letter.

-congrats doll - he said while kissing my forehead.

i ignored my mum's worried look's and turned my backs to everyone, while looking carefully to the envelope, i started to open it and there were this few words that popped has son as i opened the letter "....You, India Gomes, are invited to participate at the 2012 Olympic Games in London...."

my heart stopped while i read that sentence over and over again... i'm going to the olympic games, i never tough this moment would happen... i fell like i'm dreaming... oh, please no! please tell me i'm not dreaming!!

sudently i felt a hand pitching my harm, making my harm hurt more, i looked to the side and there was Alex looking at me, with his big brother smile.... i knew what was the bonus of that smile but today wasnt a good day for it... To late!! i felt his arms wrapping around my waist carefully, but still making me let out a small "ouch".

- My little sis is an olympic athlete! - he said before kissing my check and smiled to me, he was right... i'm an olympic athlete, i'm going to london!!

i think i might explode right here, right now!!



Hy there, i'm really happy for writing this, i've been thinking about doing it for a long time but i never  did and today i went true with it and honestly i'm pretty happy. 

but now i wanted to ask you, to comment, leaving me your opinion about what you think so far or what you would like to see happening in the story and if you like it to share it with your friends. 

i really hope you like the story has much as i'm liking to write it.

thanks again



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