It started with a dream

This is the story of a 16 year old girl called India, she lives in Portugal with her mum and her brother Alex, her dad used to be solder but he died in combat.
Her life is quite calm, until the day she received a letter from the olympic comity, and she is invited to participate at the 2012 olympic games.
Hope you like it


9. we're late!!

-we're late! let's go! - Joe yelled waking me up and making me jump from my bed. i got up and looked to my clothes, they where all twisted from me sleeping, i passed my hands through them, trying to get them straight for like two seconds so that people wouldn't think i had sleep with them, which i did, i grabbed my phone and ran to the door, where Alex and Joe where waiting for me.

we ran to the outside and into another black mercedes parked right outside the front door.

-how much time do we still have? - i asked while passing my finger through my messy curly hair, it always looks a mess but if i don't brush it after i get up, i looks like a rat's nest, not kidding!

-less then ten minutes - Joe said without looking at me and focusing all his attention in a pile of paper he brought with him.

i leaned against the car seat and let a sigh escape my lips, i'm not really surprised, we're tired like hell and i'm that one girl who is always late for everything! it's not that i'm proud of myself for always doing that but i NEEDED to sleep! what can i do now? and what do they think, that i can wake up early and at this time of the night be has fresh has a flower?! it's not a CRIME to sleep!!! human's need it! 

but now it's different, this is not some ordinary tournament.... these are the fucking olympic games! what if they don't let me in?! if they change their minds?....

-don't worry, we'll get there in time - Alex said holding my hand in his and rubbing it with his thumb.

-thanks - i said looking from our hands to his face smiling.

there are times, in which my only wish is to be an only child, but in moments like this, i just fell like hugging him thigh and NEVER let go!

-put it around your neck - Joe said handing me a plastic card with a black string, i placed it around my neck and smiled has i read this first words " olympic athlete pass, India Gomes..." i even have a card! and maybe this will be the last time i'll look at it, before they kick me out....

a few minutes latter, the car stopped and we got out of it, i looked around and was completely speechless, my mouth dropped while i faced the HUGE olympic stadium, i had already seen in on the news and on the news papers but seeing it from up close was... unreal! 

-come on! - Joe said pushing me inside, has we walked inside, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked straight to us, i felt blood burning under my checks and started to bit my lip.

why are they acting like this? is there something in my face? why?! 

-why are they all staring? - i asked in a low tone of voice so that no one but Joe could hear it.

-because we just ruined months of work - he said before starting to walk.

what does he mean with ruined months of work? how did we, only we, our innocent selfs could've destroyed months of hard work?

i looked around and saw that i was standing alone, with every eyes laid on me and Joe was right ahead talking to a man in a suit, i ran to meet him, this people really knew how to make some one fell uncomfortable...

-i have no idea of what we can do now, we can't send her to the portuguese group because we would have to inturupt the performance so i guess the only thing to do, is send her to the audience, she will see the ceremony on the VIP area and has soon has we can manage to include her in the parade, we'll go get here - the man said and Joe agreed - let's go then - he said now speaking to me.

-ok, let's go - i said walking next to the man into a big elevator, the moment the doors closed he turned to face me with a big smile... has i said, these people sure do know how to make some one uncomfortable! 

-i can only say that i'm very happy to finally met you miss India, you've been the conversation theme since we started to get ready for the games and although you're name was a secret of the gods, we we're waiting for you - the man said smiling, he looked truly happy.

-thank you, i'm flattered - i said smiling has we reached our floor and walked out of the elevator to the noisiest place on earth!

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