It started with a dream

This is the story of a 16 year old girl called India, she lives in Portugal with her mum and her brother Alex, her dad used to be solder but he died in combat.
Her life is quite calm, until the day she received a letter from the olympic comity, and she is invited to participate at the 2012 olympic games.
Hope you like it


2. The accident

i was standing there, looking shocked to Joe's car moving away from the court. it was the first time in almost 10 years that Joe told me to "stop for the day", he usually was the one calling me chicken or lazy for wanting to go home and now he was leaving me at 4 o'clock in the afternoon with nothing to do... he was up to something, it has to be!

i walked inside, walking slowly and when i got there, dressing even slower, something i believed to be impossible. what am i gonna do now? ok, an idea, i'll call Andy and Jerome! they're classes are already over and that way i will at least spend some quality time with my weird friends.

i took my phone and wrote them a message " practise over earlier, wanna come over to my place?", pressed sent and got my things together, ready to go home. my phone buzzed and i took it opening the message from Jerome " we have a project to deliver tomorrow, we can't go, sorry talk to you latter".

ok, this is getting weirder and weirder, first Joe, now them? ok, no reason to panic i said passing my hands true my hair. i'll just.... go home! yes! why didn't think about it earlier? i grabbed my phone again and sent a text to my mum " on my way home" i pressed sent and walked with my back pack on my back and my locker closed.

with my phone on my back pocket i ran to the coach's room, before opening the door i knocked just to make sure, no one was in. i walked inside closing the door behind me and running to the chocolate bar's box. it was supposed to be the coach's property but me and the other went there every time, so i guess they cant keep on calling it the secret box... what ever...

i took one and walked outside with the chocolate in my mouth, walking to my motorbike has fast has i could so that i wouldn't be caught.

before siting, i felt my phone buzz so i took it out, my mum had texted me " Alex found a mice on the kitchen, don't come home till 19h, the house is being  desinfested" after i read i let my hands fall in my lap.

ok, now this is really weird... what the hell is going on? usually i'm the one who has always something to do and everyone complains about it, and today, the only free day i've had in years everyone else is busy?

i finished my chocolate and tough for a while about what could i do? i couldn't go home, practise, school, so i had no idea....

there was something i wanted to do on the weekend but i didn't have the time... what was it? i remember! i needed jeans, ok that's what i'm gonna do, i'm gonna go shopping. 

i turned the motor bike on, and drove to one of the most famous streets of Lisbon, the one with all the stores i liked "Chiado". i parked and for about three hours i walked in and out of stores buying more than just a pair of jeans.

after all of that walking my legs we're killing me so i stopped on the first ice cream cafe i saw. has a sat down i placed my bags and the helmet on the seat next to mine and starting opening every bag because for some reason which i honestly don't know and that i ask myself every time i go shopping, i always fell like looking at the things i bought, weird right? ok, maybe its not that weird....

i looked at the menu and asked for my favourite, raspberry ice cream, one of the things i loved the most about this ice cream flavour was that hours after i ate it i would steel fell it's taste in my mouth. after i finished, i looked to my phone and it was 19:14h.

i payed and walked with my bags and everything towards my motorbike, when i got there, i placed the bags on the space under the seat and my helmet on my head, before turning it on and starting to drive home.

i hated to drive at this time of the day, the streets were darker, and there were less people around and in my opinion the ones that were around would do more evil that good if i ever placed myself in front of them.

i noticed a stronge light in front of me, some stupid with his cars lights on the maximum, i slowed down has the light came closer and for a few moments i continued to drive straight until i saw the car's figure just a few meter away from me but on my zone. he's gonna hit, what do i do?! i looked around in shook and after looking one more time to the car which was now closer to me i turned my motorbike to the side, tossing both me and my bike to the bushes.

i closed my eyes and pressed the break, but seconds after my skins is being scratched by millions of small branches, ones making smaller cuts and others making deeper ones. the motorbike stopes moving and i slowly open my eyes, finding myself in the meddle of a bush. i placed my hands on booth my sides trying to get up but has a i placed them over some branches i fell my flesh scratching and blood coming from the wounds making it harder to get up. i feel tears rolling down my face but with my eyes closed i get up, i just wanna get out of here! has i move out side the bushes the branches cut my skin for the second time, making my body hurt even more, but i don't care i just want to get out of here!

i push the last branches away and with tears and sweet rolling down my face i take my helmet of my head and trow myself on the cold black ground. the cold felling makes me fell good for a while but then my whole body starts hurting, burning making me get up and hug myself to ease the pain, my tears and every other felling running true my mind.

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