It started with a dream

This is the story of a 16 year old girl called India, she lives in Portugal with her mum and her brother Alex, her dad used to be solder but he died in combat.
Her life is quite calm, until the day she received a letter from the olympic comity, and she is invited to participate at the 2012 olympic games.
Hope you like it


10. seat number 10

i felt my body frizz while my eyes went through everything and everyone, i'm HERE!!! i smiled and lightly laughed of myself, but what can i do?! 

-speechless? - the man asked with a proud smile and placing his hand on my shoulder pulling me forward. speechless?! that's nothing!!! my brain is just a big mess of words but the one that repeats it self more is HUGE!!

i'm not playing, of everyplace i've ever been this has to be the biggest one of all!! i looked around and there had to be like a MILLION of people there!! maybe i'm exaggerating... but really i've never seen this many people not even on that famous american marathon!! 

the man guide us to this separated area, it wasn't anything special, the only difference from this seats to the others was that this were separated by a red rope and it was facing the center of the whole stadium, on one of the seats i saw a familiar face... it can't be! i looked again, now not caring if anyone noticed me staring, it really is him, it's Ricky Wolfswinkel! 

-your seat is the number ten, i'll send someone to get you if i have any news - the man said before leaving me with a seat ticket in my hand.

i waved goodbye to the man and with a big smile i placed myself in front of Ricky, first he looked at me with a confused face but them i saw a big smile appear on his face, he REMEMBERS ME!

-India! - he yelled getting up and hugging me thigh, we met the first time two years ago at the end of a Sporting game, my dad has a birthday gift had taken me to one game and at the end he took me to met the players, i was trilled! - what are you doing here?! - he asked still hugging me, i felt my cheeks burn and without saying anything i just raised my card - you're kidding right?! you're in?!? - he yelled with excitement.

-shhh, everyone's looking - i said laughing and smiling, since that time my dad took me to met him, every time i went to the stadium i would so say hi to him, one time we exchanged numbers and since then we have been "friends"? i don't know if i can call him a friend, we just spoke now and them and i always has this girly crush for him.... can you blame me?! - and yes, i'm serious, i'm finally here - i said and he just hugged me again, leaving me in a total mess....

my cheeks were burning, my air was messier, i sweating and i was letting me nerves show.

-where's your seat? - he asked taking the ticket from my hand and looking at it, i frowned a bit but looked around to find the number 10  -oh... you're not near me...

-it's ok, we can meet latter - i said smiling, please say yes, please say yes.... 

-i'd love to - he said handing me my ticket, i smiled at him and turned away, realising that everyone, or at least a lot of people were looking at me, maybe we spoke to loud....

i walked over to the seat number 10 and sat down without looking to the people next to me, i just looked ahed, every country had already walked in, with their flags and athletes... everyone but me, was down there, representing their country.... and here am i! late has ALWAYS!

i leaned against my seat and kept looking to the rest of the parade.

-i couldn't help to hear, you're playing on the olympic games? - a voice asked me, i looked to my right to face this tall curly haired boy with big green eyes, who was looking at me with a big smile, i smiled back.

-yes, i'm India Gomes - i said and shook is had, his had was warm and soft against my cold and dry...

-i'm Harry Styles - he said and i looked at him for a while, was he really THE Harry Styles?!

-really? - i asked and them after it i realised how stupid i must have sounded, i just asked someone if he really was him self... can i be more stupid?!

he laughed a bit but them smiled at me, i smiled back and felt the urge to scream, i'm talking to Harry Styles!

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