It started with a dream

This is the story of a 16 year old girl called India, she lives in Portugal with her mum and her brother Alex, her dad used to be solder but he died in combat.
Her life is quite calm, until the day she received a letter from the olympic comity, and she is invited to participate at the 2012 olympic games.
Hope you like it


1. Pilot

-India! - i hear a voice yelling, making me wake up from my empty dream.

i looked around and took a deep breath before facing my teacher, Mr. Putteney. Most teacher's had already got used to me falling asleep but has always there has to be one that didn't and mine is Mr. Putteney, my horrible Biology teacher. 

i think that the reason why he hates me this much, is because every single day i come to school and i end up falling asleep in one (at least) of the classes and although all of that i take good grades, not the best grade of the all class but on the top three almost every time, except at Portuguese but thats another story...

Mr. Putteney looked at me with anger in his eyes, ok, i know its lack of respect for a teacher to fall asleep in his class but honestly between the tennis practices and studying i barely have time to sleep, so i compensate at school. ok, this is no excuse so i'm just gonna have to take my punishment witch is always the same in Geology.

-Out of my class, immediately - the teacher yelled to me, while i was already packing.

i looked around while get up from my set at the end of the class room and has always no one was looking, in my class i was that one girl no one tried to get to know, not because i wasn't social but because i refused every invitation for everything because i don't have time. it's a lousy excuse but i honestly don't have time do anything.

i walked past the teacher and into the school hall way, closing the door behind me. i sat down on a bench and took my phone from my back pack, if i had this free time i was gonna use it to do something useful like practice.

i sent a text to Jerome and Andy (my best friends, both 1 year older than me and they were both in Arts but the only reason why they started talking was me, yes, i fell proud of myself) saying "on my way to the court, biology again... see y latter" and then another one to Joe, my coach "on my way to the court".

i placed my phone inside my bag again and slowly walked to the outside. i walked towards my motorbike, while taking the keys from my bag, placing the helmet and siting down.

i drived fast, felling the hot wind pass true me and in no time i had arrived to the court, my second home has i always say.

i parked in front of the front door and walked straight to the locker room, i opened mine and got dressed as fast as i could, as you might have noticed i have a small tendency for doing things fast, but its normal and has my dad used to say to calm my mum down, i will eventually get tired.

the image of my dad stayed on my mind making me look to his photo on the door of my locker, it has been there since the day they told me he had died, i wanted him near me, and which better place than here, my second home?

ever since i remember my father was a solder, i remember growing up, without having him around, it was a normal thing to me, but i also remember that every time he came back, alive, it was better that christmas. 

my mum would pick, both me and Alex from school early and take us to the airport, where we sat on those hard bench's looking to the arrivals door, with our hearts in our hands and our eyes glued to the door, and on the moment he walked true those door, we would run, like crazy people, but it didn't mater, the only thing that did, was that he was back home, that i had my dad back with me.

he never stayed for long, he wanted to but at the same time, he wanted to go, he wanted to keep on helping making our home a safer place...

i wiped the tears from my eyes before they rolled down, closed the door and with my racket in my hand, walked towards the court to met Joe, who was waiting for me with his usually warm smile.

- let me guess.. Biology? - he mocked me while opening the court door.

-has always - i said getting in. 

we started the usual practice and one hour latter Joe stopped the practise. i looked at him and when i noticed his hard breathing i felt good, finally i had made him tired! it was usually me, he was the one who managed to play for hours and i was the one that in about an hour was laid on the ground sweating like a pig so to me this is a big victory.

- already tired? - i asked mocking him, while passing the back of my hand true my forehead cleaning the drops of sweat.

-only a bit, but we're gonna have to stop for the day - he said and my mouth drooped.

STOP, FOR THE DAY?! was he kidding me?! it was 4 in the bloody afternoon!

- you're kidding me right?- i asked crossing my finger, wishing he was joking, wishing it was just a stupid joke. 

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