It started with a dream

This is the story of a 16 year old girl called India, she lives in Portugal with her mum and her brother Alex, her dad used to be solder but he died in combat.
Her life is quite calm, until the day she received a letter from the olympic comity, and she is invited to participate at the 2012 olympic games.
Hope you like it


6. Like a little secret....

-how long till our flight? - i asked Joe and Alex while picking some chocolates from the free shop, it was my biggest addiction, chocolate, but not just any type, one milk or white chocolate, the black one was the worst thing i had ever tasted, but at the same time, there isn't much i have tasted, i'm kind of weird when it comes to food, i only eat the most simple things and the ones i thing look the most normal and the others i simply refuse to eat.

well whatever, we've been on the free shop for almost half an hour, Alex and Joe wanted to come here, looking for some special perfume and because i'm like a small on land in this airport i need to be next to them or i'll get lost and loose my plain... which can't happen!

-can you please answer me?! - i asked with my chocolate to see booth Alex and Joe reading every perfume name on the shelfs, which i can say are more than a thousand! - HELOO! - i yelled, and smiled proud of myself when they booth looked at me.

-please behave sis - Alex said looking around, was he kidding me?! he was the one reading the name of every perfume in a massive store and i was the one who needed to behave? was he fucking kidding me?!

-me?! have you looked to yourself in the last half an hour?! - he looked at me for a while and them took a perfume of the shelf - is that the one? - finally!

-no, but its smells nice - he said while taking the chocolate bar from my hand and heading to the cashier, how could i be related to this guy? he had just to weird to be related to me... or maybe not.

Joe meet my brother at the cashier and i started to walk around, there was a big window in front of me that caught my attention, from it i could see every plain, i sat down on one bench and looked at every plain that landed and left for what seemed to me like hours... looking at them i realised how stress i was, by looking at them i felt more relaxed, but can you blame me?!

i'm going to the OLYMPIC GAMES! my whole life is gonna change the moment my face appears next to the other portuguese athletes... till todays, i've been able to keep it hidden, Joe talked to the olympic comity and they were ok with not releasing my name to the public, they know i'm gonna be there, but they don't know who i am or where i'm from... 

i wish i could say i wanted everyone to know, the mystery athlete... but i don't, i actually think i like the secret, that my life is still mine you know? that known knows about me, i'm like a secret... a secret which is going to be revelled tonight, in front of the all world.... the whole world....

-Indy! - Joe yelled from behind me, i stud and looked at him - lets go, its time - he said and i walked towards him and Alex. i pretended a small smile, i didn't want them to know... i just didn't... but by the looks on Joe's face, my smile wasn't working.

we walked inside the plain and took or executive seats, there were comfy but honestly the only thing i did for the two hours was sleep so i didn't really enjoy my seat but now is to late for me to complain... we took our bags and walked trough the hallways, apparently there was a special door, a door that would turn me public...

-we're here - Joe said has we stud in line with some other people, i looked at their faces and i recognised some of them from the TV, some of them looked at me with curious looks but i looked straight to the floor, maybe this way they will stop looking....

-you know that you don't turn invisible from facing the floor, right? - Alex asked teasing me.

-you're not funny - i said punching him on the harm, he was so stupid...

-oh, don't cry.... - he said and hugged me so tight that for a few seconds i couldn't breath.

-let her go! - Joe said pulling Alex away from me, my HERO! - you can do that when the games are over - and there no hero anymore!

-hey! - i protested but they just ignored me, i looked behind me and saw these two girls facing me like if they were going trough every little thing of me, their eyes were deep blue and seemed to see right true me... i looked back at Joe and tried to ignore the girls which just kept staring at me, i could fell their eyes on my back.

it's our turn!  joe gave our papers to the lady on the balcony, she turned to face me, then the computer and out of the blue she faced me again with a very surprised and excited face, i faked a smile but the truths was that she was scarring the hell out of me!

she kept doing her work but every five seconds she would look at me and smile, Alex and Joe noticed  and laughed of the whole situation, i believe it was more of my scared face that of the situation but whatever.

after a while she handed us the paper back and stud up with her hand placed right in front of me.

-it's a pleasure to finally know you miss India  -she said while a shook her hand, she seems like such a nice lady but i hate that she know's who i am....

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