It started with a dream

This is the story of a 16 year old girl called India, she lives in Portugal with her mum and her brother Alex, her dad used to be solder but he died in combat.
Her life is quite calm, until the day she received a letter from the olympic comity, and she is invited to participate at the 2012 olympic games.
Hope you like it


7. I was amazed...

i walked out side with my wilson bag on my shoulder and my bag in one hand, as soon has i passed through the door the cold air made me regret only bringing this jacket...why did i always do this?!

while rubbing my arms, trying to warm up, i got my lets together, maybe this way i would be warmer.... it didn't work but i lost nothing by trying!

i looked up and noticed how the sky was getting greyer, it looked like it was about to rain and not just a little bit, like A LOT!

-India, come on! - i heard Joe yelling, i looked around and saw booth him and Alex getting in to a big black mercedes. i ran to meet them, handed my bag to the driver who was waiting for me, next to the trunk and sat next to Alex on the comfy back seat of the car.

-hey Alex... - i said and looked to face my brother, trying to start some kind of conversation but he was already with his headphones on and on his way to his small weird world, but why am i surprised?! he does it all the time!

i leaned my head against my seat and looked the window, not exactly the window but to the big grey clouds forming on the sky, looking at them made me feel more relaxed and i kinda started to imagine my self standing on the court, looking calm and relax, when i was about to play against someone known all over the world and with a lot more experience that i... but no! i'm here for some reason right? they wouldn't invite me if they didn't think i was in the same level has the best of the best tennis players! so i need to stop felling like this, like if i'm not worth being here, i am and i'm gonna try my best to win! ok, win is a little bit to much but at least be on the top ten, that's good enough for me!

a while latter the driver came in and turned the car on, starting to drive towards my "new house" at least for while i was here, lets hope till the end of the games!

i passed the top of my fingers through the window and looked at the drop of water rolling slowly down my finger, my eyes started to close and soon, i was in another one of my empty dreams....

-INDY WAKE UP!!! - i heard Alex voice yelling on my ear, i'm gonna KILL you!!!!

i opened my eyes and gave him my angrier look, he was so gonna pay for that!

-Ah ah! you should've seen your face! it was priceless! - he said laughing and getting out of the car living me there alone, thinking about the best way to make him pay, HE'S GOING DOWN!

when i walked outside, i was amazed with how beautiful this place is, there were like ten short buildings surrounded by gardens, running tracks and other's, everything looked modern and at the same time simple but at the same time everything looked a bit like the olympic games, maybe the colours.... yes, the colours.

i walked over to Joe who was looking at some paper's, he looked so lost, like if they were written in some weird language he didn't understand, it was so funny to watch, but i am nice so i took the paper's from him and pointed at the part that said, "Building number", he rubbed his head and tanked me making me giggle. 

i like it, its nice... i can get used to this! there were some people walking around and their eyes landed on me, guess i'm not a secret anymore, but i'm ok with it! and maybe i'll move to London, who know's ... maybe when i become a billionaire or something like that... just kidding! but who know's ...

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