It started with a dream

This is the story of a 16 year old girl called India, she lives in Portugal with her mum and her brother Alex, her dad used to be solder but he died in combat.
Her life is quite calm, until the day she received a letter from the olympic comity, and she is invited to participate at the 2012 olympic games.
Hope you like it


5. I hate goodbye's

the last four days, passed at the speed of light, everything everyone talked about was my leaving and all i did was pack my bags and run to the court when no one would notice me being gone.

now, i have three hours till my flight so i closed my bag and took it down stairs trying to make no sound, and them came back upstairs to get dressed, light skinny jeans, black converse, grey muse t-shirt, black leather jack, black scarf and a small green army bag, no makeup and nothing that could make the airport machine beep, i looked at my reflection in the mirror and got my hair into a messy bun.

-you look good - Alex said, i turned back and he was leaned against my door with only his boxers on.

-so do you - i said winking and kissing him on the cheek.

-funny... - he said hugging me tight, i could fell the his warm chest against my face, which calmed my nerves a bit, but not enough to go unnoticed - are you okay? - he whispered against my hair.

-yeah... i think so... - i said not even convincing myself with the answer, it's not that i don't what to go, but i don't think i'm ready, i wasn't ready last years so who guarantees me that i'm ready now? 

- either way, i'm always gonna be at your side, Indy - he said kissing the top of my head, before letting me go and walking towards his room.

-thanks, Alex - i said before he went inside his room and received has an answer a beautiful smile.

i stood there in the meddle of the hallway, simply looking at the wall, filled with memories and things that made me who i am today, in front of me there was a photo, in it, me and Alex where hugging and on the side i could see my mum and dad smiling at each other, they looked so happy... it had been taken on one of my birthday parties, one that my father had managed to come. 

looking at that photo reminded me of a night, when i was seven, till that night o never really knew what my father did, to me and to everyone he was a hero, but i didn't really know, what he did, to be called a hero, so i asked my mum, and she told me everything i already knew, but after she left, Alex came in and asked me how badly did i want to know the truth, i remember telling him, that i wanted it so badly i would do everything he wanted me to do till we were old and grey... the only thing he asked me was to be strong, but i wasn't...

the moment he told me that every time, dad left his life was in danger and that there was a chance i could never see him again, i broke down and cried my eyes out, i couldn't believe that my daddy, could never come back to me... so that night, Alex stayed in my room, trying to comfort me and heal my small but broken heart, the next morning i asked him to never leave me, that i didn't want to be alone...

since then, Alex takes care of me like i'm his daughter, every time my dad wasn't around, he would be my brother/dad and that only makes me love him more.

i walked downstairs, to the kitchen where my mum had her backs turned to the door and was cooking something, i walked over to her and hugged her from behind hiding my face in her long blonde hair.

she quickly turned around and hugged me back.

-good morning sweetie - she said kissing my forehead and hugging me hard - i'm going to miss this a lot... - she whispered against my hair.

-i'm gonna miss you to mum - i said facing her with tears in my eyes, i hated goodbyes...

-dont cry sweetie - she said cleaning the tears from my eyes - go sit down, i made your favourites!

i faked a smile and sat down at the table and took my phone of my bag, not for any special reason i just felt like taking it, and move it around in my hands.

-here you go! - my said placing a plate with yogurt, cereal and fruit in front of me.

-thanks mum! - i said smiling to her, she smiled back and placed both her's and Alex's plate on the table, has usual they were going for the pancakes, i never tasted it, my mum and brother eat it everyday but i never did... that' weird...whatever.

Alex came down a few minutes later and we all started to eat, we changed a few words but we where mostly in silence, till we hear a nock on the door, my mum went to open the door and the next moment, Andy and Jerome where jumping on top of me and yelling in my hears.

- good morning to you too - i said to booth of them while they sat down next to me on the table, Joe came in a few moments latter and kissed the top of my head.

-good morning doll face - he said and has an answer i gave him my crankier face, i hated when he called me that!

we ended up eating pretty fast and i really didn't what came after that... goodbyes...Blew...

Andy and Jerome rushed to hug me and i hugged them booth back, i was gonna miss this potato heads...

-i'm really gonna miss you guys... - i whispered, already with tears in my eyes... great!

-oh... me too - they booth said and hugged me harder.

after they letted me go, i literally ran to hug my mum. she hugged me and we didn't say anything.

when i pulled out of the hug, i noticed everyone was outside already, i wiped my tears and walked towards the car, Alex and Joe where already inside so i gave Andy, Jerome and my mum a last hug before getting inside the car and closing the door.

-ready? - Joe asked from the driver's seat.

-ready. - i said waving goodbye and them turning to face the road.

next stop, airport!

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