How did this happen

Sam is just a regular girl from Doncaster who happens to be best friends with Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. She stuck by him throughout the audition and bootcamp but what happens when he gets to the live shows and forgets she exists? Even though he promised to call and text all the time. She eventually moves away to try and forget all about him, she even stopped watching X-Factor, but what happens when he contacts her once he has finished the show!


2. Audition Time

Well today is the day that my bestfriend in the whole world is auditioning for the X-Factor. He has an amazing voice but it took us ages to convince him to apply. He always wanted to be in a band but he eventually agreed to do it alone. It was 6am when my phone lit up and buzzed.


From Louis: You Up? x

To Louis: I am now! What's up? x

From Louis: Just nerves haa! X

To Louis: Oh shut up ya tart! I'll be over in an hour ok? X

From Louis: Ok babe, see you soon :) x

To Louis: Yeahh see you soon! It's a good job i bloody love you haa :) x

Love how he always calls me babe, he definatly knows how to put a smile on my face. I arrived at his house and noticed he was watching out of the window for me i thought 'god he must be nervous' a huge grin appeared on his face when he saw me. Everyone else was still in bed.

Louis: Hey

Me: Hi, told you i'd be an hour

Louis: You look great

Me: You flirting Boobear? *giggling*

Louis: DON'T CALL ME THAT!! Come on i need your help picking an outfit

Me: Hang on.. I come to you for fashion advice not the other way round. Oh well, what are we waiting for

With that we went up to his room, i looked through his wardrobe and decided on a pair of jeans, off-white shirt, cream cardigan and tie whilst he was in the shower.When he had finished he come out with just a towel around his waist.

Me: Erm Louis, get some clothes on!

Louis: Soz babe, forgot you was here

We both started laughing. Soon enough it was time to set off to Manchester. He chose to sing 'Hey There Delilah' by The Plain White T's. When we got there he was so hyped up by all the other contestants he lost most of his nerves and couldn't wait to get on stage and show them his voice and change his life forever. We went with his mum and friend Stanley. Eventually, it was his turn and we were all watching the screen, anxiously waiting backstage with the one and only Dermot O'Leary. He sang amazingly, just like we knew he would. Now it was time for the judges. I was so happy for my bestfriend i wasn't listening to the comments and come back from my daydream just in time to here the YES'. First Louis Walsh: YES! Then Nicole Scherzinger: YES! Finally Simon Cowell: YES! Me and Johannah (Louis Mum) were hugging each other. We knew he would do it but now it had happened we just couldn't believe it. Louis came of stage and i went to give him a hug but he picked me up and spun me round. He was so excited. I whispered in his ear "I knew you'd do it" He was so overwhelmed he was speechless and went to hug his mum before we left to set off back to Doncaster. MY BESTFRIEND WAS GOING TO BOOTCAMP!

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