How did this happen

Sam is just a regular girl from Doncaster who happens to be best friends with Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. She stuck by him throughout the audition and bootcamp but what happens when he gets to the live shows and forgets she exists? Even though he promised to call and text all the time. She eventually moves away to try and forget all about him, she even stopped watching X-Factor, but what happens when he contacts her once he has finished the show!


1. Prologue

Well i have known Louis since nursery and we became best friends instantly. We live just around the corner from each other and our families always get together for BBQ's in the summer. Everyone seems to think something is going on between us because girls and boys can't just be friends can they?!

About Me:

Name: Sam

Age: 19

Appearance: Platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, quite thin, big boobs

Height: 5"6

(BTW: Danielle & Liam are still together in this story because i think they belong together)

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