The lost city of Atlantis

I know you all people think that Atlantis is just a fantasy. Well you're all wrong. Let me tell you a story.......


1. It all begins

"Wake up! You late for school!" Mom called. I hurriedly got up from from bed and ran downstairs wearing my school uniform 

"morning mom, morning dad" I said

"good morning honey" they both replied 

We ate breakfast together with my favorite food which is waffles with chocolate syrup together with milk. I happily ate forgetting I was already late for school

"Jamile I think the bus left you already.." Dad said

"oh no! I'll be late for school" I said

with a frown on my face, I slowly went up to my room. Ten minutes later, my parents came in my room.

"Jamile don't worry, we can drop you off to school" 

My face turned bright


My parents proudly nodded

"thank you mom thank you dad you are the best!" 

happily I went downstairs to get my stuff, and went inside my parents car. As I arrived in school, I noticed that I was late for my English class."When I arrive at the classroom, my teacher would kill me"I said thinking about what will happen when I talk to my strict English  teacher. As I headed in front of the classroom I said to myself well here goes nothing I went inside the room as my classmates and my teacher stared at me 

"Jamile why are you late" my teacher said 

"Ms. I..."

I couldn't finish because she stopped me and said 

"op no excuses, you will be marked late. Go to your chair" she said loudly

As I sat in my chair, I was embarrassed because until now, my classmates  keep staring at me. A teardrop fell from my face of embarrassment as my teacher discussed the lesson.... 

The bell rang it was recess. On my way to the canteen some people just walked toward me and started to bully me. I just ignored. When I reached my table no one wanted to sit beside me. The bullies keep on teasing me and calling names on me like looser, loner, late or FA which means forever alone and many more. I feel so insecure and irritated. Suddenly a girl came to me and asked

"mind if I sit with you?" 

I was shocked. Knowing that everyone hates me. So why would this girl seat beside me? Will I let her sit? Few moments later I made up my mind and said 

"yah sure"

then the girl said in a friendly voice

"hi I am Janina you're Jamile right? Everyone knows of your lateness in coming to school. I know no one wants to be friends with you but I do when you are late it's normal and no big deal... so friends?" 

Wow that girl is so friendly and talkative, I thought 

"yes" I replied

"oh my gosh really really thank you thank you I promise I will be your number one friend" Janina said 

Then we both ate recess until it was time to go back to the classroom 

"bye see you after class" Janina said

"you too" I replied 

Classes ended and I am excited to see my new friend, Janina

"Jamile" I heard someone shouted from the distance ...... It was Janina 

"hi Janina" I said

"hi Jamile I wanted to to my friend , Christine. You two should get along" Janina said

Then she led me to her friend

"hi Christine" I said

"hi" Christine said shyly 

"Christine is a little bit shy but she's really good at soccer. You should see her when she plays  a game and how she kicks the ball. It really is far. Once she kicks it, I couldn't even see it where it went any more" Janina said

Janina told Christine

"oh Christine you should see how Jamile says the alphabet backwards in five seconds. And her smartness in class, you can compare it to Albert Einstein".  

Few minutes later 

"okay let's drop you to your house" Janina said 

They accompanied me in going to my house..... We arrived at my house and it became dawn.  We waved at each other. I went in my house and upstairs to my room to change my clothes. After that I went down and saw my parents sitting at the dinning table.

"hi honey how's school?" My parents asked

"fine, I made two friends today" I said

"wow" said my mom

Then we ate dinner. When I was done I went up to my room. I did my home works. Sooner when I was done I slept.


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