strange thing have been happening to Jean. one morning she woke up to find her hair snipped. confusion and suspicion threatens to tear her family unless she finds the culprit in time....


4. The Video

It was probably after midnight when my eyes fluttered open. I looked up at the ceiling and realization struck me. I was in my bedroom. My left arm was stinging.

   I quickly got up and studied it. It was bleeding and there was a long raw cut across it. I hurried to Mom’s room, ignoring my throbbing hand, quietly picked up the camera and then returned nimbly to my bedroom.

   The video started. I turned on the fast forward mode and watched. Mom went to bed half and hour after I did. She lay in bed sobbing for a long time wiping her eyes from time to time. Finally she drifted off to sleep. After what must have been hours, I stirred.

   I rose. I was acting strangely, walking in a strange way. I came closer to the camera and stopped at the round table. I noticed that my eyes were wide and I did not blink. I picked up the paper cutter from the table. My left hand rose and I slashed the paper cutter across my bare arm. I did not wince of gasp. Instead I began to laugh. The laughter pricked my memory and I gasped as I realized where I had heard it before-in my nightmares. Mom did not stir one bit, as though she was in a trance. Then in the video I began to weep. It did not sound anything like me and resembled the sobs of a little girl. Unexpectedly, it stopped and was replaced by laughter once again and slowly I walked out of my mother’s room.


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