strange thing have been happening to Jean. one morning she woke up to find her hair snipped. confusion and suspicion threatens to tear her family unless she finds the culprit in time....


3. Frightened and fighting

When mom walked in I thought she was going to faint. Her eyes ran over the blood stained room and the blood drenched me. She turned pale. I hid my right arm.  She insisted on calling the police but then stopped after thinking it through.

   ‘No one could have entered from outside,’ she said thoughtfully, ‘I carefully locked the doors and windows last night. And nothing was stolen and no one was hurt.’

   ‘But who did this?’ Ann asked indicating the room. ‘Did you see anything?’ she asked me.

   ‘I didn’t’ I replied.

   ‘Did you do this, Ann?’ Mom’s voice was suddenly sharp.

   ‘What?’ Ann cried, her face melting into disbelief. ‘How could you think like that?’

   ‘Mom she didn’t do it,’ Josh said quietly.

   But they both ignored him. They were now locked in a fierce brawl and everything Josh screamed at them went unheard.

   ‘I can’t believe you,’ Ann finally shrieked. ‘You are impossible, Rachel! That is why my father left in the first place.’

   ‘Your father left because he cared nothing for you,’ Mom retorted while Josh screamed ‘don’t drag dad in.’ but the damage was done. Mom rushed away to her bedroom and locked herself in and Ann after a while picked up her jacket and left the house.

   Josh and I stared after them and settled down on the couch, neither of us talking. Mom came out after a while, her eyes swollen, and gave us breakfast. Ann finally turned up before dinner and headed straight for her bedroom.

   ‘Come have dinner,’ I called after her, but she ignored me.

   That night mom told me to sleep with her and I agreed. I had a plan. Before going to bed I went to a corner of mom’s bedroom and left my video camera there.


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