strange thing have been happening to Jean. one morning she woke up to find her hair snipped. confusion and suspicion threatens to tear her family unless she finds the culprit in time....


5. Face to face

I sat there on the edge of my bed trying to make sense, trying to explain how I could hurt myself and not feel a thing or remember doing it to myself. Tears strolled down my cheeks sluggishly, but I did not bother to push them away. It was around three o clock and silence was dominant. I was shivering. My arm was stinging although the bleeding had stopped.

   Have to tell mum…..I told myself. But what should I tell her? I could show her the video, but would she believe that I did not do any of that deliberately?

  I did not when I noticed it. I saw it out of the corner of my eye. I was on my bed but my reflection wasn’t. It was standing at the mirror. Slowly I got up and walked to the mirror. My reflection did not move. It was standing in front the mirror, smiling in a sinister manner. I noticed that she did not have the cut on her left arm like I did. I reached over and felt the mirror. It was solid.

    ‘What’s happening?’ I mumbled to myself in a dry whisper. My reflection smiled more broadly.

    ‘Hello Jean,’ she said.

    I gave a little scream. ‘Who are you?’

    ‘I am Jean,’ she said.

    ‘I am Jean,’ I said softly. ‘You are not me, are you?’

    ‘Yes, I am,’ she said, ‘I am you.’

    ‘No you are not,’ I said.

     ‘I am.’

    ‘Are you a ghost?’ I asked.

    ‘No, Jean. I am very real. I am your twin.’

    ‘I don’t have a twin,’ I insisted.

    ‘You did,’

    ‘But she died,’ I said. 'At birth. My parents told me.'

 She was angry now, spitting the words out at me, looking terrifying.

    ‘I was never born. You stole that from me. I was never given a chance. It was unfair.’ She arranged her smile back. ‘But now I will be born. Through you. Come Jean, come my sister. Let me live.’

   ‘No,’ I shrieked. I took a few steps back. My twin smiled. Then she began to walk out of the mirror.


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