Billi and the story begins

Billie who is getting back with her old friend in onedirection and love happens


1. The runaway

Billie´s P.O.V

I put on my black bandoue and bra and thong in a white hoodie with the words "bad" and simple black jeans and covered the uneven complexion and a little maskare on the upper lashes. I brushed my fairly flat but wavy blonde hair and went into the kitchen and looked after my mother. She was not there. Dad had gone to work a long time ago and my mother's friends had not arrived yet, so when I took the opportunity to sneak out. I wanted out of there. Mom just whined on his paralyzed legs and drank lots. When she got the opportunity she took the opportunity to lambast me over nothing and give me a bitch pat now and then. I was tired of my father always kept her and I'm always wrong so I wanted out of there now. But could I? I took a glass of orange jouice and looked through my contact list. I saw "Harry Baby <3xx". We had met before he became so well known outside his friend's house when I would visit my relatives in over a month just outside London. I lived in a tall house in the center of London, so I was not so used to a place like rural house that they had. We fell in love and had a summer romance. His friend was announced and wanted to make me announced that he ignored us and was with his so-called "girl". But the shit I was in. I had my Harry. The wonderful (slightly perverse) Harry Styles. I was really in love. I want to be with him forever. But I am certain that it probably would not work. But I lived in the moment and enjoyed. We had a good long distance relationship until he and the other guys became famous in the x-factor. For a while we were still together and I got to know all the others and we had fun for a while but then it was not better. He became more and more for themselves, and with the guys and with all the screaming fans. It was a bit annoying because I wanted to spend time with him. We met and we broke up while all the guys comforted me cried Harry in a corner. I did not understand why because he was the one who never wanted to take the time to see me. But I and the other guys still in touch so I browsed further down and saw "Niall my bear <3xx", "Liam love <3xx", "Zayn swagga <3xx" and "Louise my carrot <3xx". I decided to call "Niaal my bear <3xx".

"Hey girl," he said, trying to sound funny.  

"Hey bobear! I have some problems .. "I said, trying to keep the tears inside.  

"WHAT?! I'll help you! Where when how?! You want the other guys going?" He said, half screaming.   "Yes, I'm in my apartment. My mother sleeps then came silence, "I said, and half whispered.  

"We'll be there in 10, xoxo" he said and hung up.   I'm so glad that they are always with me and help me. I should probably thank them more convincing.   I waited for a maximum of 8 minutes and everyone was standing outside the door when he texted " we are outside, get out now! <3 "by Liam.   I made the sign out of the window and show that I will come soon.   I went to my room and finish packing the last fast and snuck out with all my important stuff and a lot of clothes but not that they would notice that I have taken everything and run away. I went to the door and open fast but quiet. It read them all. There was someone with big curly hair. I had an idea who it was. Then I saw her face. It was Harry. Him I would not have surprised me here.



I saw her for the first time since we skypade and she had been just over a crap and I might not have been so kind. But she was so beautiful! I think I still loved her ..   "Hi guys, and hey Harry .. Thanks for coming!" she whispered just as she came out.   "Hello, Come, the car is just around höret" whispered Niall but a little stressed.   I was worried that she was still really mad at me. I wanted another chance but I might never see her beautiful face above the center again. Never one to of her kisses. She and I had entrusted all lost their virginity to each other. She had meant a lot to me. Just like I knew I had meant a lot to her. We got in the car and I sat across from her in the car.   "So what happened?" said Louise when we were starting to go.   "You know all my problems with my parents and it has not exactly gotten better .. She continues to beat me and dad are crazy quiet or keep her, so I was so damn tired and needed to work .. I am actually 18 so I have to go" she said, and sounded very angry. I wanted to help her as much as possible but I did not know how! So I said the first thing I thought of.   "We are always there for you: Call us anytime and we will, I promise!" I said and the others nodded in agreement. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and smiled at her.   "Thank you, thank you everyone, I'll get my own place as soon as possible, I promise!" she said and smiled back with a bit watery eyes. But I did not want her to move, and it did all those other guys with my eyes down at the floor. I think they thought the same!


  "Stay as long as you want, we have so much more space left and you will stay with us forever if you want, everything dissolves I promise!" said Zayn and everyone was so clear with.   "Yes, we love you as a sister!" Liam said and winked at me. She thanked and gave us all (even me) a kiss on the cheek. When we arrived at our apartment, so she grabbed my hand and said,   "I want to stay! Do not worry, I've gotten over it!" She whispered with her sweet voice. All looked at me and her and thief whistled. We went up to the apartment and I grabbed her hips and led her to my room and whispered, "we need to talk." She smiled and followed into the room.   "I still love you and want you back, I have not had a single girl or even watched a single girl! Please, I ask for another chance, I know that maybe I was just over but I tried my best and was fairly busy guys! Please Billie, I love you .. " I said while I held her in my hands. My eyes began to get watery and I hoped for the best. She said nothing. She just smiled with his watery eyes. She pulled me towards the bed and started kissing me. She kissed me more and more interesting and loving. More and more passionately. I admit, I was a little horny but tried to hide it in order not to go too fast. She lay down on the bed and smiled. I went with her to the bed, put me next and she lay on top of me. She took off her white hoodie and continued to kiss me. I saw her beautiful body in a bandoue and black jeans and a bra. She stopped kissing me while she took off her pants and bandouen to bed under the covers. I took everything from me except my underwear under the covers and we continued kissing. I took off her her bra and smiled. She pulled her hand down to my underwear and squeezed gently on my penis, then she whispered in my ear while she smiled and cried at the same time "I love you more You were my dream, and disappeared., I missed you so and now I got you again, I am extremely pleased and happier I will be, I love you Harry! "
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