Billi and the story begins

Billie who is getting back with her old friend in onedirection and love happens


2. Love happen


I woke up at Harry's chest and it felt pretty good to have him back. Who I'm lying to?! It felt AMAZING to have him back! When I looked at his face hi was half sleeping and just smiled at me. "Good morning love" hi said with the sexiest morning voice I had ever heard. "Good morning sexy" I answer and blinck and smiled. It felt really good. "I loved how it turnd ut yesterday! Ofc not your prob.." Hi said and was interrupt by me saying: " no worries Harry! With you I'm fine! It was a long time ago I felt this safe! And I really ment what I said yesterday! I do love you Harry!" I said. "Thx my love, I love you more and I can assure you that!" Hi said and give me an kiss on my cheek.  I was so happy! But also hungry so i took on my underwear and a a big white shirt from Harry. Hi took on his underwear too and plain black pants. 

"Love, are you hungry?" hi ask with a big smile on his face.

"Yes, can we eat? Or have you eat enough?" I said with a blink.

"Haha! You are beautiful baby!" Hi said and stared to kiss me. Hi took my shirt off and kissed me on my chest and on my boob. I putted my right hand in his hair and moved it all over and with my left hand I  stroked him around the throat and neck and kissed back. Then we stopped and smiled to each other. I took on my shirt again and went out to the kitchen with Harry.

"Hello lovebirds" Niall said who was standing in the kitchen and eat so much he could. 

"Hello cookie monster" I said back to Niall with a blink in my eye. 

Harry and I set down at the sofa with Louise, Zayn, Liam and Niall who came later with much food. We took from him and hi was pretty mad but we all lough and took it any way. 


We eat fro Niall's food and had a nice breakfast. I looked at Billie and saw her big smile when I looked at her. I was so happy to have her here. 

"You want to go to the studio with us?" Zayn asked Billi.

"Yeah! That would be fun!" Billie said and smiled at me again. We was leaving 14.00 and the clock was just 12.00 so I whispered in to Billie's ear that we should go int to my room again and she followed.  

"I really do love you Billie. What do you want to do today?" I asked with a smile.

"I do wanna go with you guys! And then maybe just you and me can do something love?" She said and kissed me on my cheek.

"Yeah! Okey my love, we are going to do it your way now!" I said and lough. 

We was getting dressed and I peek when she switched on new clothes. She was so beautiful! How could I let her go before?! I walked to her and stroked her back just before she was getting the new bra on. I kissed her back and took her waist into me. She turned around and kissed my that cute way and took on more clothes but still with me. She let me took some of the clothes on. Every time I toked something on I  said "you're so beautiful" and kissed her at the place. When she was done she stared kiss me really hard and romantic and said "you're beautiful and I love you Harry". It was amazing. 

When both was ready we sat down at the tv room and looked at tv. Every thing was perfect. Almost to perfect. Then suddenly Liam came in and screams "HURRY HURRY! PAUL WERE ARE YOU?! ZAYN IS HURT! COME COME!" I ran with Billie to all the other boys including Zayn who laid on the floor. Paul came in and some ambulance men. Then was every thing black.

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