Billi and the story begins

Billie who is getting back with her old friend in onedirection and love happens


3. from heaven to hell and to heaven again


When the ambulance had took Zayn and he went to the hospital, I was scared as hell! Me and Harry ran to each other and hugged each other. We both had watery eyes. When we didn't hear the ambulance anymore and Louis, Niall and Liam came up from the ambulance we all, Louis, Niall, Liam, Harry and me cried. We sat down in the big sofa in front of the tv and cried and talked. After a whiled was everybody sleeping except me. Then I sat down in Harry's lap and kissed him easily on the lips. Then he kissed back. He was now awake. He smiled and lift me up as al those new married couples did into his room and lay me down on the bed and he was over me and we started to make out. It was ofc the best feeling and then he took my shirt off and I took his shirt of, then he kissed me on my stomach and dragged my pants down. Then I took his pants off. Then he took his boxers off and took off my underwear's. Then we had sex. It was really nice but I continued to think about poor Zayn... I still wounderd what happend. I think Harry saw that I wasent the happiest..

"What is it love? Is some thing wrong?!" He asked and draged back my hair from my face. He was so cute. It was so hard to understand that he really was here with mw again.

"No matter love, it´s just that I woundering what happend to Zayn.. But maybe I just gonna enjoy the moment with you?! I love you Harry!" I said with watery eyes and a smile.

"I love u to love!" He said and kissed me.


"I love u too love" I said and kissed her. Then when we had laid in the bed for a while I saw that it happend something on my mobile. It was someone who called. It was Louise. "Harry! Zayn is goings to be alright! But he need's to be at the hospital for a whild.. We're are you and Billie?!" He said with his normal voice. 

"We´re home! I thought you were home too! But thank GOD that Zayn is going to be alright! What happened?!" I said.

"I Don't really know.. COME TO THE HOSPITAL! Me and the guys went there when you and Billie was taking so long and then we thought you guys would come when you had notes that we wasn't home?! But what ever, JUST COME NOW!" he half yelled.

"All right then! We are on our way!" I said and hang up.

"What did he say?!" Billie said with her beautiful voice. 

"That he is going to be alright and we need to get over there NOW!" I said.

"But why did they say COME NOW if every thing is alright?.. What ever! HE IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT!! YEY!! LETS GO!!" she said and smiled on the end of the sentence.

"Yeah, you are right love! About everything! Lets go and remember! I will ALWAYS be there for you!" I said. 

"Naw! The same for you babe!" She said and kissed me and then we started to go to the garage. But then in the garage, we heard something behind us. We looked at each other and walked much faster. Then someone kicked Billie so she fell down and when I was trying to help her, every thing went black.

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